The Dream Team Leadership Retreat Weekend

My husband always makes fun of me for saying this at the beginning of every one of my posts but I'm going to say it anyways.  "As I sit here reflecting on my weekend I want to share with you my thoughts".

This past weekend I have been blessed enough by my business success to take a group of my Dream Team Coaches on a weekend retreat to a cabin in Deep Creek Maryland.  I decided that I wanted to provide my team with a way to get to know each other better.  I mean we see each other on facebook every day but we really don't get to see each other face to face.  We all have kids, full time jobs responsibilities and it's just hard to take time away from our families.  But I felt that doing a weekend retreat would recharge our batteries not only as coaches but as individuals as well.  I also wanted a place where we could gather and I could teach them some of my top tips for building a successful business.  So I started researching places that could hold a large number of people, with a huge gathering space and enough rooms for everyone to sleep comfortably.  I decided on Deep Creek MD because it was relatively close to the Pittsburgh International Airport and not a long haul from my own home.  It is a gorgeous lake community in which we had a lake front view of Deep Creek.  It is located near a ski resort called the Wisp.  The location was perfect and the timing was great!  The leaves are turning and the air is crisp!!!!

The qualifications to attend the trip were that you had to be an Emerald Coach actively working your business and you had to achieve success club 5 in the months of August and September to attend for free.  I wanted to make sure that the coaches attending were really excited about learning and were here to absorb all the little nuggets that they could!!!
The view from upstairs

I planned to do some team trainings but also I planned on doing some team building and just getting to know each other sessions!!! If you follow me on Facebook then I am sure you have seen all the pictures from the weekend.

On Friday night everyone trickled in.  I organized for us to sit down and create our Dream Boards or vision boards. The point of this activity was to really help coaches think about what they wanted to achieve as coaches.  Every coach has a very different way of approaching their business. Some coaches want to replace their full time income and others want to just add some extra spending money.  Some coaches are coaches because they love the products and want to get a 25% discount.  But we all come together because we downright just love helping other people.  The bonus is that we can earn an income from doing so.  So with the income that Beachbody has provided you how will you spend your life?!  What do you want to achieve in 30, 60 and 90 days a coach.  How different will your life look and feel once you achieve those goals?  Those are some of the discussions we had while sitting around the table over this weekend.  The dream boards turned out absolutely amazing!!!
Creating a Dream Board
Working on our Dream Boards
We celebrated the start of an amazing weekend with a champagne toast to the Dream Team.  I gave a speech about our mission, vision and what we hope to do as an organization!  Beachbody is an amazing avenue to help other people reach their fitness goals.  It is unlike any other organzation out there. I love that they encompass the fitness, the nutrition and the support all into one bucket! This is what brings about the greatest results.  For me that is why I love my job!  Seeing others success!!!!

Dream Team Champagne Toast
Dream Team Champagne Toast

Saturday morning was breakfast!!!  Breakfast is by far my absolute favorite meal of the day!
Everyone was raving over my favorite recipe.  Baked Oatmeal.  This is the recipe that if you have to go to a brunch or have to bring a covered dish you can wow people with how amazing clean eating can be with this recipe.    

After Breakfast we starting our morning sessions in our comfy clothes!!!  I had the opportunity to present on blogging which is one area that I really feel like I have gained a ton of knowledge on.  I was able to walk my coaches through exactly how to set up their blog, how to get all the fun bells and whistles and exactly what to post about once you get up and running!
Social Media Training for the Dream Team
Blogging 101:  Dream Team
Dream Team Retreat

After that we did a session on inviting, sharing and enrolling customers into your challenge groups.  Kaileigh did an awesome job sharing her top tips and examples for how she runs her business.
Then Alyssa spoke about Instagram and like pages and all the things that she does to drive traffic to her site!  It was just an amazing mastermind session on how to boost your business beyond your own social network.  The fact that it was a hands on learning experience was so well worth it.

After our morning sessions we broke for lunch and came back together again for some team building activities!!!!  We discussed how to work with different personality styles, how to identify each persons style, how they are motivated and how to develop ourselves into better leaders.  We really focused on ways to foster leadership within our organization.  We discussed time management techniques and the ways that we schedule out our days.  Honestly, everyone has busy lives and it is a matter of staying organized and prioritizing so that we can accomplish our goals.  It was awesome to see everyone working together to come up with a solution for each of the problems that they were presented with!!!

Then it was time to bust out a workout!  We moved the furniture, put on our workout gear and cranked out the P90X3 Warrior Workout.  Then we had a little picture fun afterwards!!!
P90X3 Workout Preview

Post P90X3 Workout

The rest of the evening consisted of hanging out, brainstorming, hashing out ideas and just spending time with each other!  It was by far the most well spend 3 days!!! 

   The fun part is this! Most of us came to this retreat not knowing anyone and took that leap of faith.  We all left with new friendships, ideas and energy to move our businesses forward. I can tell you that as I reflect on things that a few things come to mind.

I started this!  This was all a result of my decision to do Insanity, join a challenge group, transform my own life and sign up as a coach to help others do the same.  I had no idea that this is where I would be today.  I would not of ever imagined that I could positively impact so many people's lives with my story, my passion and my love for helping others.  I also could not of ever imagined being able to provide a weekend trip like this for my team a year ago!!!

I am truly blessed to have this team of coaches all working together! We have something amazing, something that is unlike any other team and that is totally UNIQUE!!!  I love love love our team and I know that we have some amazing leaders that are going to be on that Top 10 leader board next year!!  So watch out, the Dream TEAM is coming through!!!!!

Right now we are the #2 team in the organization out of over 130,000 coaches.  I can only see it getting better from here!!!

The Dream Team Leadership Retreat

Sunday Morning at the cabin, doing our daily check ins and chatting!!! You have some top coaches in this picture!!! WINK WINK!!!!

The Dream Team Top Coaches
We were having fun before we left the cabin!!!  Blowing some kisses and saying good bye to a great weekend but with memories that will last forever!!!!

So moving forward we all have big goals to finish out the year!  I am currently interviewing for the next top coach on our team!  I'm home and accepting applications for my November 4th Dream Team Exclusive Coach Apprenticeship Program.  I am inviting you to be a part of it!  If you have ever considered becoming a coach, now is the time!!!!!  You can learn my tricks of the trade and what took me from a  stay at home mom just wanting to get into shape to a 12 Star Diamond, Elite Beachbody Coach in just 2 years.  I have a systematic approach to teaching what works so that you do not have to re invent the wheel!  But the decision starts with you!  If you have that pull and tug on your heart to follow your dreams then now is your time!!!!!
Successful Beachbody Coach

For every coach that signs up before October 31st I am giving away this Dream TEAM EXCLUSIVE coach tool kit!  Get a few of my favorite tips to help you raise the bar in your personal development!!!

Remember you don't have to be a super star, super fit, nutritionist to be a Beachbody Coach.  You just have to want to help other people!!!!!

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