T25 Gamma Pure Strength Hybrid and Meal Plan

I am going to go ahead and nominate myself as the BAD BLOGGER of the week!!  I seriously have been slacking in the post department!  On a good note, I spend last weekend getting some awesome family pictures taken that I can't wait to share and we also had some great family time just chilling!  Oh and I did something that I literally haven't done in 2 1/2 years!  I SLEPT in til 9:30 am on Sunday.  If you have kids you totally can identify with this!  You are no longer on your own schedule and your life revolves around the little minions that you love so dearly!!

But the kind husband that I have got up with the kids and let me snooze!!  So, there went another blogging opportunity.

What I did manage to do is start a new challenge group, kick off a coach apprenticeship program and meal plan and prep for my family for the week!  

So I like to share my progress with you each week and also help you devise your own meal plan along the way.

I'm currently doing a 30 day Stripped Challenge group for people who are looking to lose the last 10 pounds.  We are in our second week and it's going great.  So this plan is very basic to accomodate the rules of stripped eating!

T25 Meal Plan
Eat Clean Stripped Plan

The Stripped Meal Plan

For my workouts this week I have been following the month 2 of Gamma Hybrid and I'm loving it.
I actually forgot how hard the total body circuit was until I went back and did it again!  Holy planks and pushups batman.

PS I really can see my arms getting some definition! That is all thanks to GAMMA.  It wasn't there before!!!!
Turbofire Fire 30 Workout

I have to say that the entire T25 program is something magical!  After doing T25 no one wants to go back to doing 1 hour workouts.  So it's a good thing that P90X3 is coming out and it's the same 30 minute time frame for workouts!!! 

I'm all about clean eating and eating whole foods that are good for your body with minimal processing which leads to a select few on the go meals!  Now I introduce you to my second love and that is SHAKEOLOGY!  Yes, it's heaven in a glass, yes it's $4 a serving, yes it really tastes amazing and No I don't rely on it for weight loss, but it helps and it keeps me heathy and satisfied!  So, both my husband and I drink Shakeology every single morning for breakfast!  1 meal a day we just don't have to think about!  It's MONEY!!!  

Husband and Wife Health and Fitness Journey

I have also been putting in some late nights and early mornings and since I love working out at 5 am because it's my quiet time I definitely have been relying on my BFF, Energy and Endurance formula to get me through!!  It's not a HUGE does of caffeine but it's just enough to give me that boost I need to really give my workout a "5"!!!

It's saved my rear and kept me focused on getting results!  Honestly you have to try it.

I also get asked all the time if I have always worked out at 5 am!  The answer is a big fat NO!!!!!  I actually used to make fun of people that got up early to workout.  I said they were crazy and that there was no way on earth that I was getting up!  But, as my priorities changed, my kids stopped napping and I began to worry constantly about when I was going to workout I decided that I was going to give the early morning a good shot.  It was NOT smooth sailing and it was literally torture for the first few weeks.  But, I had my trusty accountability partner SARA AKA BGC to text me in the am!  Each morning we would send funny inspirational pics, texts and keep each other on track!  By the time I got through the first month I was in a routine and it was totally second nature.

So while it seems like torture now, it's more torturous to not get results because you wait until the end of the day and life catches up with you! Try it, get in a challenge group for support and let me be your accountability partner!  If I can do it, you can too!

So with the holidays fast approaching I am finding now more than ever that I need to have a plan, stay focused and keep on track!  I'm not going all crazy with a new workout routine but I am sticking to what I love and know how to do! I'm going to enjoy my holiday but I'm picking and choosing what I want to splurge on! Stay tuned for my holiday hot tips!!!!

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