Week 2 P90X3 Meal Plan and Progress Update

So I am finally documenting my week 2 progress with P90X3.  I can say that life never ever goes the way you want it too.  I started strong and did week 1 and then half way through week 2 our entire family got the flu, which was also Christmas week.  So, I finally finished week 2 but I feel like I'm starting over again.  Unfortunately that is how life happens.  There will always be a curve ball and the conditions will never be ideal.  The best thing that we can do is take it as it comes and do our best and forget the rest.  That is my motto and it keeps me sane.  So, today I did my workout with killer intensity, my food is prepped and I'm drinking lots of water!  I feel good about my choices and that is what matters the most.  So when you are doing 90 days of P90X3 remember that things will get in the way, you might miss a workout or mess up your meal plan but that is ok.  You will still get the results you want it just might take longer than 90 days and that is totally and completely ok as well.

So what's the week 2 schedule look like?
I'm following the classic version so here is my workouts.

Monday:  Total Synergistics
Tuesday:  Agility X
Fitness Motivational Quotes
Yup I busted out my workout on Christmas Eve!!!!  
Wednesday:  X3 Yoga- I totally love that the Yoga is 30 minutes and it totally rocks and gives me a great workout!!!!
Thursday:  The Challenge- gosh those pull ups and push ups are killer but I know it's going to give me some great muscle definition.  My tip to you is to modify and do as many reps as you can! You will get stronger!!!!
Friday:  CVX
Saturday:  The Warrior
Sunday Rest

So I can say that week 2 is way better than week 1.  I am not as sore and I don't feel like I am all over the place. Week 1 I was totally uncoordinated and didn't feel like I got the full effect of the workout.  But week 2 I was more comfortable and able to totally jump in with 100% intensity and kick some butt.
So if you feel like week 1 was not your best that is absolutely normal.  Week 2 will definitely get better!

For my meal plan that is my favorite part!  I love clean eating and it's my go to because it works and it's simple.  It was also Christmas week which made it even that much more difficult.  I knew that Christmas day was going to be the hardest so that was my scheduled cheat meal and I totally enjoyed my Christmas dinner and didn't feel guilty about it because I stayed on track.  I didn't go completely overboard on Christmas but instead I ate a healthy breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks and stayed within the proper portion sizes for dinner but just had more calories than I normally would.  I had some ice cream for dessert and called it a day!  I felt satisfied but not overly stuffed. It's a great feeling to go to bed at night and know that you enjoyed your meal but didn't totally blow it all.

Matt cooked our Christmas brunch and is totally awesome and made me egg whites and Ezekiel toast.  We had fresh fruit and yes I did have 1 mimosa!!!  
Merry Christmas from the Mitros

I just got a brand new book that I will be incorporating into my planning and my challenge groups to spice up my clean eating!
This is Tosca Reno's newest clean eating book and so far its been great.
Tosca Reno The Diet Starts Here, New Book

Here is my game plan for this week and I'm ready to totally make it happen.
P90X3 Week 2 Meal Plan Sample

I like to keep it simple with my complex carb and protein together and skip anything that is overly processed.  You can check out the Eat Clean Recipes tab for all the food I use in this plan.

P90X3 workout
I love that P90X3 really works your core!!!  
Fitness Inspiration, P90X3 at home workout
A little warrior workout to start off the day right!

Shakeology Recipes
I survived Christmas with this Shakeology Recipe
So now it is on to week 3 of P90X3. Stay tuned for more of my journey and my top tips!!!
If you are looking for support in your journey and don't currently have a Beachbody Coach, then contact me to get into a support group for continued support, accountability, meal planning and friendship!!!

Have a great week!  Happy New Year!!!!

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