Matt's Ultimate Reset Transformation

Chef Matt Cooking his Garlic Veggies

Happy Friday!! I always talk about my own personal fitness journey but today I want to introduce you to my BETTER HALF!!!!   I am so incredibly proud of my amazing husband.  Today marks the end of his Ultimate Reset experience.  For the last 21 days he has been completely and utterly faithful in following the program to the T.  Let me just give you a little background on Matt.  He, just like me grew up as a meat and potatoes kid.  We both ate processed, fried and high fat foods.  Matt from the day I met him has always hated raw vegetables and quite honestly is very picky about the cooked ones he will eat.  He always would say he can't have certain veggies because they make him gag.  For example, when we started dating he would have my mom make him special salads without the cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes.  So you can imagine my response when he said he wanted to do the Reset.  Also, last year I decided to do the Reset with my mom and sister in law and he completely thought I was out of my mind.  He couldn't figure out why I would want to do that to myself.  He even refused to eat quite a few of the meals.  But here we are 12 months later and he is a graduate!  So what was the deciding factor?  I truly think it was because his friend Neil did it.  He saw that he wasn't going to die, that he would make it through and that it's not that bad so he gave it a shot!

One of Matt's Favorite Dinners- lol
His first reason for doing the Reset was actually to get him mom to do it with him.  But she wasn't ready to commit to that.  But his sister Melissa decided to do it with him.  So for the past 21 days he has cooked EVERY SINGLE meal, prepped every single day and has not even cheated once!  I am completely amazed and inspired by his dedication to starting and finishing this program.  Let's face it, he has never even completed a fitness program before!  Not his fault though because he always ends up getting injured in the process of a workout.  So this is truly his first success story.

What can I say:  If  Matt can do this anyone can!  He ate things that he will never eat again and he ate things he will definitely add into the rotation.  He was hungry at night, but he religiously drank his tea each night.  He even got up this morning and packed his fruit, his Shakeology, and his black beans and brown rice!  He texted me at lunch today to say that he was drooling and starving in a meeting and everyone was eating pizza.  He stayed strong and went back to his desk to eat his lunch.  Now that is some serious dedication.  Very proud of him and his ability to make it the entire way through the program.

So what are his results?
He lost a total of 14.7 lbs and 7.75 inches in 21 days.  I can tell a huge difference in the way his face looks and his stomach has completely gone down.

What did he have to say:
"I was having to many alcoholic drinks and late night snacks which were derailing my weight.  I also have been having some health issues that have prevented me from working out so this was a way to get results without having to spend time in the gym exacerbating my injuries"

I can tell you that this program works.  Yes you can't exercise during the 21 days and the purpose is to clear out the crap in your body and to restore it to it's normal state.  It is calorie restricted but you still get to eat.  The meal plan is very well laid out and easy to follow.  Your meal prep becomes your daily workout!!!

So today I want to shout from the rooftops how incredibly proud I am of my wonderful husband for completing the RESET and truthfully getting his health in check.
Last DINNER!!!!  Tomorrow he is a GRAD!!!!

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