Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The 21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan and Week 1 Information

21 Day Fix, Day 1
Day 1 21 Day FIX
The 21 day fix is here and I actually have my copy in my hand!!!!!  I felt like it was Christmas morning when I received my package!  I truly am beyond excited and stoked about this program.  I am absolutely loving P90X3 and I am getting great results but I am very curious about the portion sizes.  As a clean eater I really feel like I am eating the right types of foods but I always tend to over do it with the healthy foods!  So this is going to really help me to keep everything in check!  Also, the timing couldn't be more perfect because we leave for our Beachbody Cruise in 44 days!!!

So I decided to put my P90X3 journey on a 21 day hold and commit to the next 21 days of this program and then I will come back and finish the last 30 days of X3 with my nutrition completely dialed in and ready to rock!

I spent Friday reading through the nutrition guide and understanding the plan.
Your container allowance per day is calculated based on your weight and the average of 400 calories burned per fix workout.  Then you are given a range you need to stay in!

For me, I am in the 1,200 to 1,499 calorie range! That gives me 3 green (veggies) 2 purple (fruits), 4 Red (protein) 2 Yellow (starchy carbs) 1 Blue (nuts, ect) 1 Orange (nuts and dressings) 2 spoons (nut butters, olive oil).  

Then, each container is broken down in the manual with a list of foods that you can eat.  I love it because I can easily pick from each list and create a meal plan for the week.  I love that the foods are listed in order of importance. So the higher on the list the foods are the more nutritionally sound they are! Of course you should have a variety of foods from the lists to give you variety of nutrients for your body.

I have not been eating out of the containers, but I measure and pour onto my plate.  Surprisingly each time I do that I am amazed with how much food I am still eating.

You do get the option to drink milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut water, coconut milk and fruit juices but you have to sub out a yellow container and you are only allowed them 3x per week!  So it does make you re think your drink as well.  I tend to forgo the almond milk in my shake so that I can have the carb later in the day to keep my energy level up!  Also you can have a glass of wine but you give up a yellow container which is a carb for the day!  In my case, I would rather eat food than drink wine!  I get grumpy without food!  lol

How does Shakeology fit into this??  It is counted as a Red container which is a protein!  :)  BONUS easy quick meal for me!

There are also treats allowed as well. They give you a list of treat ideas that replace a yellow container.

Recipes!  There are a list of seasoning mixes that you can whip up to prepare your food with!  There are container recipes for your veggies, protein and starchy carbs as well.  I love the recipes for your shakeology and the home made dressing recipes!!!

There is an awesome restaurant guide as well.  I like that they give you a list of restaurant foods and what containers that they will check off.  For example cheese and veggie pizza (1/4 of  12inch slice) is 2 yellow, 1 orange and 1 green!  In my opinion that would not be worth it to me!  I'm all about getting the most out of the foods that I eat!!!!  The one I would go with is lean meat tacos (soft corn) with cheese, lettuce, and salsa (2 tacos) is 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue!
Now that is worth it and filling!

So now the hard part is figuring out how to keep track of all this and make it work for you!  Luckily we have made it easy for you!  On the Team Beachbody site there are tracking sheets that you can put your container allowance at the top and you can tally each meal of the day and check of what you have! This really gives you a visual to follow.

For me, I am the meal planner so I made myself a color coded excel spreadsheet where I plugged in exactly what I am going to eat for the week. Then along side of that I have my sheet of paper with my grocery list of things I need to pick up at the store.  This way when I am done with the meal plan I can print it off and stick it on the fridge, so I don't forget what I am making.  Then, I shop so that I actually have the food I planned for! This makes my life so much easier.  No standing in front of the fridge each night wondering what to make!!!

So here is a sneak peak of my meal plan!

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Here are the tracking sheets!
21 Day Fix Tracking Sheets

21 Day Fix Food Containers

So day 1 was not bad at all except that I went to my in laws to make sugar cookies!!! STARVING and wanted to eat all of the cookies but I packed my salad and it was really delish!!!!
Day 1 was not bad at all, but I definitely realized that I over eat in my carbs and my protein.  Like I said at the beginning this is GOOD for me!  This way I really am fine tuning my portion control!!!

So I am on Day 4 and I can proudly say I have not CHEATED once!!!  The cinnamon toast crunch cereal was calling me today, but I resisted! Drinking a large glass of water as we speak!

The workout was amazing! Total Body Fix was CARDIO with WEIGHTS!!!  Oh it was glorious!  You can absolutely modify the workout if you are a beginner for sure!  But I pushed myself and the 30 minute workout was pure har work!!!!  Loved it!
21 Day FIx Day 1, Total Body Fix, Cardio and Weights, 30 Minute Workout

Day 2 was Upper FIX
I pushed myself with the weights which ranged from 8 lbs to 20 lbs depending on the exercise.
Plus I got some killer new workout pants to sport during my workout!  It made the muscle soreness from day 1 not so bad!  (PS don't mind the mess in the background, we are painting the basement and everything is in total disarray).
21 Day Fix, Upper Fix, Weights

Day 3 is Lower FIX!  Oh my heavens I think that I just did some serious damage to my lower half.  I mean in a good way of course!  I am beyond sore from that workout but it was perfect!!! Who doesn't want to lean out their butt and thighs!!!

Day 4 is Pilates which I did this morning and it worked my core, my butt hips and thighs, did lots of planks and sit ups!!!!  Loved the workout and it was a great stretch and change from the pounding of my joints!

Day 5 Cardio FIX that is tomorrow's workout.  Its is time to fire it up and do a little sweating.

Day 6 is the dirty 30 workout.  4 rounds, 8 exercises and 39 minutes to get in get out and get on with your day!  THAT SOUNDS FUN!!

Day 7 is the yoga fix- This workout will help with balance, flexibility, and strength, while also increasing circulation and speeding the healing of your muscles.

What do you need for this workout?  light and heavy set of dumbbells or resistance bands.  A yoga mat is also recommended.
21 Day Fix Meal plan, snack Ideas

It's game on!!!!  You can follow my results over the next 21 days!!!  I'm ready to rock it!

Do you want in on my 21 Day Fix accountability and Support?!?!  Complete the application below to be considered for my next accountability and support group!  I will keep you on track to reaching your own 21 day success!!!!  The start of a new you, a healthier lifestyle and the body you have always wanted..... THE HEALTHY WAY!!


  1. do you have the "Meatloaf muffins" recipe? Didn't see it on the clean recipes page..

    1. I would love the meatloaf recipe too!

    2. Hi! My name is Bernadette and I will be starting 21-day fix tomorrow. I wish me luck, I have quite a few cycles to do but, overall, I need the tools to become effortless!

  2. how did you do the meal plan sheet? That is such a good idea! :)

  3. What sizes are the different containers?

    1. Green 1 Cup
      Purple 1 Cup
      Red 2/3 Cup - 3/4 Cup
      Yellow 1/2 Cup
      Blue 1/4-1/3 Cup
      Orange 2 Tablespoons
      Grey 1 teaspoon

  4. This was a great post! I start Monday and can't wait!

  5. How did you measure the TurboFire Chili?

  6. The information you have given in the blog really marvelous and more interesting Diet plan

  7. I just received my 21 Day Fix yesterday. I've read most of the reading material, but not the meal plan book in its entirety. From the reading I've done so far I've printed out tally sheets and I've created a 21dayfix/Focust25 hybrid workout calendar. My next step is a meal plan calendar...this is perfect for what I'm trying to do.

  8. Hello. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my 21 day fix program. I stumbled on your blog while doing some planning. It is super informative and well written. I hope I share the same success that you are experiencing. Thank you for sharing your journey as it is excellent motivation.

  9. I’m in my second week right now and loving it! I did follow the eating plan exactly(using the containers) and it really taught me to have a balance and healthy eating. I also enjoyed the workouts, everyday is something a little different. I also find these links helpful http://fitpharmacist.automaticceo.com/go7 and http://fitpharmacist.com/p90x3review Good luck!

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  11. My company just gave every employee the Portion Control Containers and Booklet with instructions. I'm really excited to get started with the program and am going back through your posts to see some hints and tricks. Additionally, Pinterest is full of ideas! My husband is going to do this with me. I'm currently shopping online for additional portion containers (Fit and Fresh makes a bunch).

  12. Awesome! You have everything we need so well put together here. I've been starting the 21 day fix 3 days ago and loving it so far, your website has really helped me out. Cheers for that! - Jen

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