21 Day Fix Weekly Meal Plan and Progress Update

Happy Hump DAY I am 3 days away from my Caribbean vacation and I cannot wait!!  I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and a little disaster happened last night where our washer wasn't connected correctly and flooded the basement.  So needless to say it has been quite a crazy few days.  Its making me even more excited to get on that cruise ship and sail away to somewhere tropical.  I know it will all be worth it in the end but when you are in the middle of it, patience is the only thing you have got!!!
Its going to be gorgeous when it's done
So with all this craziness going on I have been able to maintain my 21 day fix journey without to much interruption. I am currently on round 2 of the fix and in my 3rd week already!  Holy cow time flies when you are having fun!  I am also doing this along side of my challengers as well and there are a few things I have noticed along the way.  For some reason we can be super strong for 3 weeks but the minute you are a fix graduate or you complete the last workout there is a switch in your brain that says its a FREE FOR ALL and that you can throw all caution to the wind.  I mean, what the heck, you DESERVE to have a few drinks, dessert and bread with dinner. After all, you just worked hard for the past 21 days.  WAIT... that totally contradicts what we have been working so hard on.  We have been focused on creating a new lifestyle, changing old habits, making new ones but we still find reward in that cheat meal!  I noticed my challengers did that for an entire weekend. They came back Monday with their tail between their legs and wanting to start over.  Of course as their coach that is what I do!  I mean honestly I have been there done that.  I have made my fair share of bad choices along the way.
So we all got ourselves back on track but it seems that the little handfuls here and there are catching up with the group!  So we all committed to getting back on track, to making sure we are diligent about our portion sizes and tracking our food so that we don't lose ground.  Yes 21 days to create a new habit is absolutely true but its also important to know that bad habits die hard and sometimes they challenge us, physically and mentally.  There is something about having the support of others that truly does keep us on track.  So this week we are committed, focused and holding each other to it!  So far so good, round 2 is definitely harder but we are changing no matter what!

So as I start week 3 which is the doubles week plus I am incorporating the 3 day quick fix in here too!  So far it's been a good week!
The workouts are not hard to get in but since I workout at 5:00 am I have to be diligent about not hitting the snooze.  I am on a tight timeline so I can't dilly dally to much!

So anytime you do the same workout for a period of time your body naturally becomes adjusted to the workouts.  You have to change it up to keep your body guessing and to continually get the results you want.  So I challenge you to ask yourself this, at the end of the interval are you almost to the point where you can't eek out that last rep.  Are your weights heavy enough that you are feeling fatigued when you are done?  That is the key to changing your body is always challenging yourself.

Today I did Pilates and total body cardio.  Instead of doing Pilates the regular way I wanted to increase my burn.  So I added in ankle weights.  Holy BEJESUS my legs are burning like no other and it's only 12:30!!!!  That's what I call switching it up!

I also did total body cardio today and upped my weights from 10 pounds to 12.5 lbs and yes I know it doesn't sound like much but when you are doing 1 minute intervals with as many reps as you can it gets hard at the end.  Those 1 minute jumping lunges with over head press just about made my arms fall off! LOL
Hey I am looking at the bright side, I am going to rock my tank top!!!! 
No matter what I will finish this month strong and I will rock out my 3 day quick fix too!  I am stronger than my excuses, the lack of sleep or the crazy house!  It takes being uncomfortable sometimes in order to make traction and change!

Working out from my laptop in my basement bc we have no TV down there with the construction

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

21 Day Fix Meal Tracker
Make sure to track your meals

For my meal plan this week I chose the most basic and simple foods because I knew that without a kitchen I wasn't going to have a lot of options for creativity.  We do have our grill and microwave and our fridge downstairs.  So before everything was disconnected I boiled eggs, made my oatmeal, baked sweet potatoes and browned my ground turkey with some chili powder and onion powder and placed in pre portioned containers in the fridge.  I also steamed a ton of veggies and separated into containers as well.
it might not look pretty but it works!  Meal Prep

This week we will be grilling out our chicken and fish and we have the grill basket to do veggies on the grill.  If all else fails I will have 2 shakeology's a day!  I can totally handle that!  I am mentally prepared for the meal planning part and I feel confident I can stick to it!  Hey if I can do it, you can too!
Even with no kitchen I am not making an excuse to eat out but to stay on track so that I have the energy to keep up with all the daily demands of my family and life!

21 Day Fix Tips

Stay tuned for more fix information, recipes and tips!  If you are interested in trying the 21 day fix and would like to be in my next challenge group please complete the application below and I will contact you about the April 7th start date and more information

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