21 Day Fix Women's Results

It's hard to believe that it has been a month since the launch of the 21 day fix. It has been truly a game changer for not only myself but the many customers that have joined my test group and are currently working towards their health and fitness goals.  Seriously it has completely changed their lives and mine.

Portion control, quick efficient workouts and a meal plan that is simple, requires little prep and a tracking system that you can do with your eyes closed. The best part is this.  This plan is something you can do for the rest of your life with very little second thought. You learn the portion control the foods to eat and the ones to stay away from and no matter where you are you can make healthy choices!!!
21 Day Fix Test Group

So let me introduce you to a challenger of mine, Melanie.  She has been in my groups before and has never been able to start and successfully complete a program. She is a sweetheart and she has great intentions but life always got busy.  She is also engaged and will be getting married in the next few months.  Melanie came to me when the Fix was launched and wanted to be a part of the test group.

Her and her fiance both decided they would do this together.
Melanie lost a total of 12 pounds and 8 inches in 21 days.

She said her pants are literally falling off and she is going to have to go and get some new ones.
Now that is a great problem to have.

She followed the plan to the T and she did the 3 day quick fix the very last 3 days of the challenge.
She is planning to start round 2 and her fiance is going to do T25 next following the Fix meal plan.
21 Day Fix Women's Results
Men's 21 Day Fix Results are just as drastic as the women's.  So proud of the two of them!
He went from 170 lbs to 156.3 lbs which is 13.7lbs gone in 21 days!!!

Here is a snapshot of her meal plan as well.  As you can see no crazy or unusual foods.  Just great, healthy nutrition and in the right portion control brings about killer results.

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

So if you are questioning whether or not a 30 minute home fitness program can truly work here is the visual proof. These are just normal people like you and me that are committed and dedicated to truly changing their lifestyle for the better!!!!

If you are interested in joining my next 21 day fix challenge group and getting on your way to killer results complete the application below.

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