SS Beachbody Success Club Trip

We are HERE!!!!  The view as we drive in!
Warm welcome from Beachbody
Well we finally made it back home after an amazing vacation.  I know the big question that you all have been wondering is this, "Did I stay on track with my workouts and nutrition?"  Well I can say that I did workout everyday but 1 day and I allowed myself to have a few drinks, dessert but I made sure to keep everything in moderation.  I know how my body feels when I eat good food and I also know how my body feels when I don't.  To me personally, I like the way I feel when I eat good food way more!!
The cool part about this trip is that I EARNED this TRIP because of the work that I do with Team Beachbody as a Coach.  Through the year we earn points based on the number of individuals that I help achieve their health and fitness goals.  Because I was able to hit my goals I earned this trip for free!!!  
Also, because I am really passionate about what I do and I not only love helping my challengers reach their goals but I also love seeing my own coaches reach their financial and business goals too I have earned myself a spot in the top 10 out of over 100,000 Beachbody Coaches plus I am an Elite Coach.  This represents the top 1% of coaches in the business.  Being Elite means that I am focused not on my personal goals but on my team, their development and their growth.  Because of that I earned an upgraded room on the ship.  I literally walked into the room and just about fell over!  We had our own little mini bar, sitting area, king sized bed, balcony with a table, chairs and lounge chairs!  It was a little slice of heaven!!!

The HUBS and I on the ship

Also waiting in our room was an awesome little gift bag!  I had been searching for a beach bag before we got onto the ship and couldn't find one!  To my surprise Beachbody gave us bags, sunglasses, T-Shirts, Hats, and customized Beach Towels for the week!  It was a pretty sweet surprise!!!  Honestly, there are not many companies out there that reward you the way that are for doing something that I honestly would do even if I didn't get paid a dime!
Elite Coach, Team beachbody, Top 10
Beachbody Gift Baskets for Elite Coaches

The first night of the cruise was an Elite Event.  So Beachbody had a cocktail party for all Elite Coaches and their guest.  We could get pictures with the celebrity trainers like Shaun T, Autumn Calabrese and Tony Horton and mingle with other successful coaches!

Below is a picture of two of my Elite coaches Deidra Penrose and Alyssa Schomaker.  Last year at this time both of them were new diamond coaches and this year they are attending their first Beachbody Event and are successful Elite coaches.  Nikki Minton is my sponsor coach and great friend. Without her I would not be here in this place right now! Thank goodness she extended the invite for me to join her challenge group or this opportunity would not of happened.
Team Beachbody Elite Coaches

Live Shaun T workout on the Ship
So the first full day of the cruise I woke up to meet a few of my team mates on the deck of the ship to get in our first workout with Shaun T!!  A little T25 action happening this morning!  Seriously an amazing workout, I literally thought I was going to pass out!  But there is something about the energy and the atmosphere of doing a live Shaun T workout that makes you push a little harder and hang in there a little longer.

Shaun T live workout
After the workout we headed down to get our pictures taken with Autumn Calabrese the newest addition to the Beachbody Trainer team!  She is also the creator of the 21 day fix!!!  We all got autographed bags from her plus a great pic!!!!! This program has changed my life, plus it is changing my customers lives as well! The one thing I always struggled with was portion control.  With this program that is no longer an issue! Seriously if you are considering doing the 21 day fix, do it!!! It's worth every single penny!  But before you go and google it, ask me to be your coach!  I can help you start and finish the program and get the results that you want!  Just ask and you shall receive!!!!

A few Dream Team Coaches and some lovely Bombshells!
Tuesday we spend the day by the pool having some fun fruity beach drinks and hanging with the team!

Tuesday night was our night to head out to dinner with the Top 10 coaches and the Beachbody Executives including CEO Carl Daikeler, VP Jeff Hill, Michael Neimand, Jeremy Redd and more.  We had an amazing dinner at Chops Steakhouse on the boat and spent some time getting to know the other top 10 coaches in the organization. This was our first event as the official 2013 Top 10!!  Last year I ranked the #2 coach in the entire organization.  Something that I didn't really put on my radar and I was really just inspired to help other people and if being in the top 10 happened then I was all about it!  Well it was meant to be, I was meant to go to Italy as a top 10 coach and inspire thousands of others to grow their businesses as well!  What a great feeling to know that you can have an impact like that!
Top 10 Dinner at Chops
Carl Daikeler and I at the after party!  Yes he is wearing a chef hat!

Wednesday morning workout with Tony Horton on the top deck!  I think SO!!  Wohooo!!!!
Workout with Tony in Cozumel
Met up with my girls bright and early to kick some YOGA booty!!!

Wednesday we ported in Cozumel and did a team excursion to the Playa Maya Beach Water Park. We went Kayaking, did the obstacle course, played some games, ate, relaxed and had some fun drinks!  The water was amazing and the company was a blast!  It was a great way to spend the day!!!!
Cozumel Mexico Excursion 
Grand Caymans with Deidra and Kaileigh
Thursday we ported in the Grand Caymans where we did an excursion to Sting Ray City.  We took a catamaran out to a sand bar and snorkeled, hung with the sting rays then headed over to a private island for lunch!   The water was the most amazing blue/green color that I have ever seen!  I was absolutely taken back by the beauty of the island and the scenery!  I could easily live in the grand caymans!!!!

A little white party action on Thursday night! We all got dressed in our white dresses and headed to dinner and to a cocktail party!  Love my team and their gorgeous white dresses!  
White Party with my awesome Diamond Beauties Melinda and Marlena

The Dream TEAM White Party
Lunch with some amazing friends!!!!
The one thing that is my favorite part about Beachbody events is the friends we have met along the way!  If it wasn't for Beachbody I would never have met Neil and Seay. The are great friends that we absolutely love and adore spending time with! They have a great sense of humor, they keep it light and fun and we truly value their friendship!  We spend the first few days with them on the Beach and the last day they drove us to the airport. We stopped at this amazing restaurant in West Palm for a little Cuban food and drinks!  ummmm amazing meal!!!!

This is a snapshot of the #dreamteam and some of the amazing coaches that make up our family!!! I am asking myself today, what if I listened to everyone who told me this was a waste of time or money? What if I quit coaching when the first few people told me Shakeology was to expensive? What if I wouldn't have put in those extra late nights and early mornings to grow my team? 

If I didn't do the things I have been doing none of these people would of come into my life!!!
I would not be on this trip, I would not be helping people over come fear, depression, anxiety or I would not of been able to bless others with financial freedom, choice and the ability to follow their passion in life!!!! This started with one decision on my couch on a summer night!! I wondered WHAT IF.....
Now I can confidently say YES YOU CAN!!!!! Don't wonder, be bold and make it happen!!!!
Each one of these coaches is a blessing that has impacted my life!! I love my team, the friendships and everything that we stand for!!!! Let's continue the ripple!! Will you be in CANCUN with us next year!!!!!! #makeithappen#dreambig

Join the Dream Team, Why not you?

On the last night of the cruise I headed back to my room to find this little  nugget waiting for me!!!!
A sneak peak of the next Beachbody Fitness Program, Piyo by Chalene Johnson!  A combination of yoga, flexibility and strength to help you get in the best shape of your life!!!!  I will be posting about the workout once I do it!  If you would like to get more information on the release make sure to fill out the form at the top of this post!!!!  Anything Chalene Johnson is guaranteed to be a BIG HIT and an amazing program!!!!

I also had the privilege on Friday to speak on the top 10 panel to all the coaches in the audience.  We were asked questions about how we achieved top 10 status, what a typical day looks like for me and then how I grow my business.
It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by the other top 10 coaches and see how different we all are but how we come together and have these amazingly successful businesses!
Top 10 2014 Success Club Trip Panel Discussion
Top 10 Panel SS Beachbody
Top 10 Panel Q&A

2013 Top 10 Team Beachbody Coaches, Success Club Trip 2014
2013 Top 10 Team Beachbody Coaches, Success Club Trip 2014

So now as I am home and reflecting on the week and all the fun that I had I realize that its not about the free trips, the fun gifts but it's about the people whose lives you touch along the way.  Getting to meet some of my coaches for the first time I realize that the choices I made to get myself in the best shape of my life have impacted their lives deeply and meaningfully.  I have been blessed by this opportunity to share wealth and health with others.  I have been given a GIFT that I get to continually RE-GIFT to others.  This trip is about networking with others about connecting to other coaches with similar stories, and building relationships with people that lift you up and push you to be better than you ever imagined.  This trip has left me feeling rejuvenated and excited to come home and do more than I ever thought possible.  It's time for me to continue to inspire others to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.  Its my job to carry on this mission, to be passionate, positive and encouraging to everyone that comes across my path!

I am so blessed by this experience and what it has done for our family!  I am not even sure that words can express that!!!

Now the fun begins!  Time to get to work!!!

If you would like to join me next year in Cancun Mexico for the Success Club Trip 2015 then complete the application below to grab a spot in my Elite Mentoring Program and I will teach you how the small things you do every day can lead to success!!!

Join me in Cancun Mexico, let me show you how

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