21 Day Fix Women's Results

21 Day Fix Transformation Story

Today is #TransformationTuesday and it's time to chat about the results you can get from the 21 Day fix.  I have been getting a lot of great questions as to whether or not it really works and can you maintain your progress?!  Well first of all the 21 Day Fix is not a quick fix but the start of a lifestyle change.  It truly is 21 days to creating healthier and new habits.  The 21 day fix is specifically designed to teach you proper portion control, to give you a variety of foods to choose from but not limit you to drastically.  The fix has allowed my entire family to eat the same meals every night for dinner.  I have been able to effectively teach my husband the portion control as well.  Its almost a fool proof system to help anyone get started with changing their habits.

Then the second component to the fix is the exercise.  You aren't in the gym for hours each day to achieve results, only 30 minutes a day each week for 3 weeks.  Your workouts are a combination of strength training, cardio, Pilates and yoga.  The workouts are really engaging and honestly you get a great workout in that amount of time.  No matter your ability level you can do this workout.

So the magic happens when you combine the two together, nutrition and fitness plus a killer support system like my challenge groups and you have success out the wazoo!!!!  You have people who have never stuck to anything in their life getting amazing results.  I have customers who were stuck at a plateau in their weight loss that have done the fix and broke through!  The Fix is making it all possible for people to create a new lifestyle.  It doesn't end at day 21, that is actually where the journey begins.  Its after the 21 days that you really truly are seeing drastic results, you are changing your mindset and what once was work is now becoming a routine!  

So today I wanted to share with you some amazing results from the Dream Team Fix Challengers.

Alex James 21 Day Fix Results
So I did the fix because I was totally off track with my eating and was having way too many carbs and not enough protein. I was not seeing results for my hard work I was putting into working out. The fix helped me get back to where I should be and helped me realize portions of each kind of food. Total lost was 7 pounds, 4 inches!
-Lynn Gugliuzza

21 Day Fix Women's Transformation
21 Day Fix Transformation
21 Day Fix Womens Transformation

21 Day Fix Women's Transformation, Results
21 Day Fix Women's Transformation

I did the 21 day fix when I weighed 2 lbs more than they day I left the hospital w my second son!!! I realized after having two kids and going to be 30 this year I can't eat whatever I want when I want! No wonder my energy level stunk! I wasn't putting healthy foods in my mouth!!! Just in 14 days I was down 10 lbs! By the end I lost 10.5 lbs and10 inches! Mostly from my arm and belly! As my husband said "wow your butt is firm again" tmi! I went back to size 4 jeans! I dropped time in my 5k and my b/p is back to 99/50 from 120/90!!! I feel more my age now and have energy to chase two little boys!!!
-Alli Silfies
21 Day Fix Women's Transformation

21 Day Fix Women's Transformation

I've lost 13 lbs 17 inches and the fix has completely changed the way I ate. It was the missing puzzle piece to my journey. I've always been able to work out but I needed this simplified meal plan to help me get the results I was looking for.
-Sarah Koury

21 Day Fix Women's Transformation
Sara Hunter
21 Day Fix Women's Transformation


21 Day Fix Women's Transformation
Jill Cleek

21 Day Fix Transformation
Angel Findlay

Ashley Joseph

21 Day Fix Transformation
8.5 lbs and 10 inches GONE


Each challenger committed to following the program for 21 days, sticking with the nutrition guide and replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology!  Each one of these challengers/coaches is continuing on with their second round of the fix or have moved onto other Beachbody Fitness Programs!

It's about TIME for you AFTER picture!!!

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