P90X3 Meal Plan and Week 1 Game Plan

My family always teases me about my blog and my facebook page! They say if they want to know what I am up to they can read my blog or facebook and they will know the play by play! They also say that if something happens to me they can bet that it will make an appearance on my social media sites!  Well that is true!  Of course it will, I don't just give you the highlight reel I am giving you the real deal the raw scoop of what is going on in a day in my life!

Since being back from my trip it has been a whirlwind of craziness!  I committed to starting P90X3 on Monday and I will be doing the Classic schedule but combining that with the nutrition plan of the 21 day fix! Since I truly feel that this program is genius and I love the nutrition this is what I am going with!

So Sunday morning I spent some time getting my meal plan together.  Mind you this meal plan has to be super creative because I do not have an oven or stove to cook in!  I have a grill and a microwave that is functioning and no countertops besides a make shift side counter!  So cooking is interesting when half of your kitchen is spread out over 3 rooms of the house.  So I did make a meal plan, I wrote my grocery list and sent the hubby to the grocery store to get us all stocked up and ready for the week!

I have this printed and ready to go but of course sometimes it doesn't always go as planned.  For example for dinner last night we decided to grill out since the weather was finally about 30 degrees and Salmon and grilled veggies and a baked sweet potato were the menu items!  So, just because you have a meal plan doesn't mean you HAVE to stick to it or you failed.  As long as you take the time to plan, have the food in the house and prep what you know you won't have time for then I call it a success!

I always choose my snacks based on where I will be during those days. The days I eat apples and almonds are the days I am out running the kids or am working because it easily fits in my purse and I can eat in the car.  I typically do crock pot meals on the nights when I work because then the food is ready when its dinner time and we aren't all ravenous waiting for me to throw it together.
For the late night snacks, I try NOT to have them every night.  I really try to make the majority of my nights with no food after dinner but I also know myself.  I love to eat ice cream and have snacks so I planned for greek yogurt with chocolate chips and possibly some shakeology pudding to hold me over.
So here it goes!  Week 1 underway!!!!

P90X3 Meal Plan, 21 Day Fix Portion Control

Now for the workouts!  Why did I choose to do the CLASSIC VERSION of P90X3?  Well for me personally I am the type of person that needs to lift weights in order to have lean muscles vs having a body that is skinny and unhealthy looking. I want people to know I workout and am just not naturally skinny.
Can u see the disaster in the background!  Yes this is my life!!!!

Also, I have this crazy house set up right now because we are ripping out our kitchen, we had a little water damage in the basement so our workout space is full of junk which makes working out a little more challenging.  Here we are making it happen no matter what!

So week 1 is the start of Block 1

Day 1:  Total Synergistics
Day 2:  Agility X
Day 3:  X3 Yoga
DAy 4:  The Challenge
Day 5:  CVX
Day 6:  The Warrior
Day 7:  Rest or Dynamix

I consider myself a really dedicated and committed person to working out but every time I switch it up my body is ridiculously sore again.  So don't ever discount going back to a workout you have previously done, it will still challenge your body in a totally different way!  Day 3 of X3 in the bag!!!  I was in Florida with a fellow friend and she got absolutely amazing results.  She totally inspired me to go into each and every workout with my game face on!  I am going to give every ounce of energy and intensity so that I can achieve the best results for my body type!!!!  It's game on!!  80 something days until Las Vegas Coach Summit!  Time to get stage ready!

YES.... I live my life event to event!  I am the type of person that needs a deadline or a challenge to push for. Otherwise I will come up with excuses, not so much around my workouts but more so around my nutrition!  I am so good until the event happens and then it's like my body craves bad food!  I will openly admit to the ice cream, the 2 bowls of Panda Puffs (organic but still cereal) the bun on my burger and the fruit and yogurt parfait at McDonalds.  Its cool, I am human!  I am back on track now!  I just had to get it out of my system!!!

Here is to the next 90 days of focused clean eating, commitment to spicing up my meal plans and recipes, extra intense workouts and fun!!!!

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