P90X3 Week 4 Progress Update & 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Easter Workout
Happy Monday!  Happy Day after EASTER and clean slate, fresh start and new beginning!

Today marks week 3 of my P90X3 journey combined with the 21 day fix meal plan.  I would like to start with the statement that this weekend was not FIX APPROVED! I had really good intentions and it did not go as planned!
I wanted to really have a jump start today, so here I am doing the 3 day cleanse.  Today through Wednesday I am going to be cleansing myself not because I need to lose a ridiculous amount of weight quickly but because I want to get rid of toxins in my body, get back to clean eating, detox from the desserts from the weekend and start with a fresh clean slate.  The 3 day shakeology cleanse is not a long term fix, it is a 3 day cleanse to jump start weight loss or break a plateau.  You still get to eat, you are not starving yourself but it is calorie restricted. So you don't want to do high intensity workouts during this time.  The reason for that is that you are not consuming a lot of calories.  So you will not have a lot of energy for high intensity workouts.  Personally last time I did a cleanse I was very dizzy and light headed while working out to P90X. So I had to quit the workout.  If you do want to workout choose yoga, pilates or walking.  Something low impact will be just fine!

Also if you are like me and get totally starving you can eat your salad for lunch instead of dinner.  The only rules with the cleanse is that you eat ONLY the foods on the menu below.  You don't add anything to it!  There are no exceptions, there are no bending the rules. Follow the plan to the T!

Think about it this way.  You can do anything for 3 days!  So, I have quite a few people on facebook that are doing this with me!  Feel free to join us over on my facebook page and post your progress as well!!!

3 Day Shakeology Cleanse

I am about to finish week 4 of P90X3.  I am in the transition phase right now.  This week is all about giving your body a short break from the pounding of your body during block 1. This phase is meant to give me flexibility, cardio and core!  It's a nice change of pace but I am ready to bust out block 2 starting on Monday of next week.
Kick the Sugar Cravings

This past week I had a workout buddy with me!  

The workouts are:
Monday:  Isometrix
Tuesday:  Dynamix
Wednesday:  Accerlator
Thursday:  Pilates X
Friday:  CVX
Saturday:  X3 Yoga
Sunday:  Rest

Get movin, it's cardio day!
My challenges this week are 3 family birthdays, a dinner out at a great seafood restaurant and a 2 day (all day training) Saturday and Sunday.  The challenge is sticking with my nutrition plan, scheduling my 1 cheat meal for the week and making it happen!  Proper portion control is a no brainer because of my fix containers, and the biggest temptation is the insane amount of Easter candy in the house!  But, the one thing I can say is that when I am determined to make something happen I am GAME ON! So it is time to bring it!  I have less than 60 days until our coach summit and summer activities.  If you don't start now, you will regret it on the first day the pool is open! No more excuses its GO TIME!

P90X3 and 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

You can see that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are my cleanse and then I resume eating clean.  The point to a successful cleanse is not to go back to your old ways of eating unhealthy foods but to continue clean eating. 5-6 small meals per day, pairing a complex carb from a fruit or veggie and lean protein at each meal.  Drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day and really paying attention to the quality of your food is key to maintenance and healthy weight loss.

You can see that I chose meals that were quick and easy to prepare this week!
Saturday and Sunday I am gone all day. The meatloaf muffins are easy to throw in a baggie with veggies and eat during a break.  You can find a grilled chicken salad at just about every restaurant imaginable.  I can take my own dressing if need be!

So remember that no matter what obstacles life throws at you.  Whether you were on a great roll with your workouts and nutrition and the holiday got the best of you or maybe you haven't even started yet. The best time to start is now! Trust me, you can drastically change your nutrition, your body, your health in 3-6 months time.  You don't have to do it alone, get the support you need, a coach that truly cares about your results and that you are happy and healthy!  Be everything you want to be and more by starting now!

I will be offering a 30 day Clean Eating and Shakeology group starting May 5th for anyone who wants to get back on track with their nutrition!  Great way to ease into a new you!  Balance, Health and Vitality!

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