Pittsburgh Super Saturday April 2014

Happy Sunday!!!  It's been an amazing weekend and the weather in Pittsburgh is finally breaking and the sun is out!!!  Just in time for our Tropical Themed Super Saturday event!  Yesterday the Pittsburgh Leadership Council hosted an event for all the local Team Beachbody Coaches in the area.  So what is Super Saturday?

It is a quarterly even that Team Beachbody sponsors and coaches all over the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico host!  Myself along with some fabulous ladies hosted this event!  It is jam packed with customers weight loss success stories, Coaches business success, recognition for achievements and training for coaches on how to grow their Beachbody Business. Yesterday I had the privilege of being a presenter in the Super Saturday videos.  I was asked to speak on developing your brand and attracting other people to you.  The premises of my business has always been sharing my experience, my story, transformation and what has worked for me. Then, I find that others naturally build trust with me and want to participate in my accountability groups and coaching.  Honestly I run the other way when someone tries to sell me on something so I always go with attraction marketing!  I will be posting the actual link to see my presentation tomorrow once it is up on the site!  We opened up the room for discussion after the event and did a Question and Answer session for the Elite Panel after the video.
We discussed ways to get a new coach started right, how to mix being a fitness instructor with Team Beachbody and all the ways to improve your business.

The event ended with an amazing workout by Master Trainer Kam Niskah with Piyo and Insanity.  The one thing that really stuck out to me was the ENERGY in the room! The fact that the room was buzzing with excitement, success, and the possibilities of what Team Beachbody can provide for your future.  The one thing that I love about this company is that they don't just SELL a product to make you lose weight but they truly CHANGE YOUR LIFE emotionally, physically and make you HEALTHY from the inside out!  People are happy, they love their jobs, they love working out, they eat healthy and they feel good!  Yes we all have struggles, we have a story that has changed us in some way but that story brought us all to the place that we are right now.  3 years ago we were struggling and almost begging people to attend our Super Saturday events.  Now the registration is full, they have to bring in more chairs, the room is buzzing with activity, networking and new ideas and we are even planning BIGGER EVENTS and SPECIAL GUESTS to come!  It is truly amazing what you can do when you have a determined mind.

3 years ago we sat around a kitchen table thinking about how we could put Pittsburgh on the map.  No one knew what Team Beachbody was, what a Coach was or even what Chalean Extreme and Turbofire were!  Now, half of Western PA is on Shakeology, is in a challenge group and working towards improving their health!  I would say that is quite an ACCOMPLISHMENT!  You just never know the lives you will touch along the way by 1 decision to take your transformation story from a Beachbody Fitness Program and turn it into a vehicle to change others lives for the better!  It was a choice that I made to better my health because I was sad, a little depressed, overweight and at home with a newborn and toddler.  I found peace and comfort in having this amazing Beachbody Challenge Group as a support system to lift me up.  Every day I am thankful for the gift to get up in front of people, to tell my story, to inspire others to do the same and teach people that YOU CAN DO IT TO!!!!  You can start as one person and IMPACT others!!!  It's called the RIPPLE EFFECT!  It doesn't happen overnight but it does happen and  you look back in amazement at just how grand it can be!

Pittsburgh Super Saturday
This shot below is a picture of the individuals who represent the Pittsburgh Leadership Council, the Elite and Premiere Coaches of the Western PA area!  These amazing ladies come together and we plan this event, we speak, and we communicate with corporate the needs of the region!
Successful Pittsburgh Leadership Beachbody Coaches
The Pittsburgh Elite/Premiere Coaches

Kam is a Master Trainer for our area and is an Insanity, Piyo and I'm sure a bazillion other instructor certifications but bottom line is this.  SHE ROCKS!  She has found a way to take the group exercise instructors and mesh it with Beachbody so seamlessly.  She absolutely rocks at inspiring others, leading classes and changing the lives of the people she comes in contact with daily.  I am proud to share this stage with her.
Master Trainer in Pittsburgh, Top 10 Elite Team Beachbody Coach
Fitness and Business Look So Good Together!

My sister in law, Melissa!  My side kick, supporter and BFF

Pittsburgh Super Saturday Fun

Instead of doing the same old pose we decided to switch it up and have a little fun!  These ladies inspire ME on a daily basis, they are my family, friends, rock stars, LEADERS, and Coaches. They represent a HUGE part of my business and are out there inspiring so many others with their own stories.  We are all so completely different but we come together to support our mission!  Moms, Teachers, Nurses, and WIVES together on a mission to end the trend!

Future top 10 Coaches right there!!!!!
Through this entire event there are always people in your life that you hold a special place for! That is my momma!  She is my BEST FRIEND in the whole world! She supports me in everything that I do, keeps me grounded in my faith and reminds me to keep the balance in my life! She is honestly amazing!  She came to my event to see me speak, to support me in this business and to let me know that she is proud of everything that I have accomplished!!!  I love you MOM!!!!!

Beachbody Super Saturday
My momma and I

Last but never LEAST the man on the left....my HUBBY!!!!  Thank you for being my wingman in my business for being my supporter and voice of reason!  I wouldn't be who I am today without you!  You mold me, shape me and guide me with your values, your trust and support. You truly are amazing and you deserve a metal for all that you do!!  I love you!!!
Our faithful MEN!!!!!  
So this is what I've been busy doing this weekend!  Chatting with others about their Beachbody Business, giving tips, talking to coaches about their personal transformation stories, planning the next event and putting a face with all the names I see on facebook and social media each day!  You really do make an impact, no matter how many people like your pictures or posts, or visit your blog you are impacting so many more than you think.

Never ever give up on the beauty of your dreams!!!  Always work to attract others to you, to your brand to what makes you unique. Never change who you are just because you think they won't want to hear your real story.  You are interesting, you are exciting and you can connect with people by just being who you are!!!!!

Get out there and be YOU, INSPIRE, INVITE, CONNECT and ATTRACT like minded individuals to your business.  You HAVE what it takes.  Let go of fear of failure and know that anything is possible.

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