21 Day Fix Weekly Meal Plan

It's ANOTHER Monday, its another chance to start over and it's another chance to get it right!  Why do we let ourselves go there?  Why is it that every single Monday so many of us say that this week is going to be different and that this week will be better.  Then we start off Monday strong and by the evening something tempts us, we have a bad day or we didn't plan for dinner so we got out to eat and make bad choices.  We swear that tomorrow will be better and by the end of the week we just throw in the towel and start again on Monday!  It happens to us all.  Seriously, been there done that a bazillion times!

The good part is that we have accountability, we have support, we have someone to hold us to the progress pictures that are coming at the end of the month. There is no more falling off the wagon unless you totally let yourself go!  

This is what I love about being in a challenge group.  I am surrounded by other women who have the same life situations that I do. We never have enough hours in the day, the laundry, dishes and housework piles up, we want to spend time on ourselves but the kids won't sleep, we are the taxi to and from practice and homework is way more important than a workout!  We discount the need to put ourselves first for 30 minutes each day!  We validate it in our minds and we make it totally ok! 

You are normal if you do this!  You are compassionate but there is also a line in the sand that must be drawn.  It is ok to put yourself first for 30 minutes per day! That is not selfish, that is leading by example that is teaching your family how to be healthy and it is giving you more energy to keep up with all the demands of you life!  

So, now is the time!  It's time to give yourself a little tender loving care!  Pull out the shoes, the workout gear, dust off the weights and PRESS PLAY!  Summer is coming whether you want it to or not! The question is this..... Are you going to feel your best or let excuses get the best of you!

What's the Plan:

30 minute workouts 6 days a week.
Check out my schedule on my meal plan!
When:  The alarm is set for 5:00 am!  This is the time when I am least likely to get distractions and I can have complete silence!  
The Food Plan: Every Sunday take a few minutes to create a template like this, plug in your food using the 21 day fix nutrition guide and my blog and make a grocery list.
Prep:  as crazy as it sounds this truly does make a difference.  I take a few minutes and cut up veggies, cook some chicken for the week, measure out my nuts into my little bags and each morning I open the fridge, grab what I need and go!  Life is so much easier when you take the time to have a game plan! 

Snack Idea

It's time to get creative with what we can do with our health and fitness!  Summer is going to be here whether we like it or not.  Less than 30 days til the pool opens!  Make the commitment to your health and fitness!  Join my next 21 day fix group today!

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