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These are all words that I use on a daily basis.  I use these words with myself, with my customers and with my team of coaches.  Everything we do in life is based on knowing what the end result is going to be.  We evaluate every decision we need to make by looking at all the angles, analyzing the risks involved and then going with the safest option.  Why do we always go with the safest option?  I think a lot of times its the option that everyone else takes, it's the one that no one will question what you are doing, you won't be criticized or questioned for your decision!  But over the past 3 years I have found that if you want to do EXTRAORDINARY THINGS then you have to be willing to put the EXTRA in ORDINARY!

If you sat me down 3 years ago and said Melanie you are going to be the Top COACH in Beachbody I would of laughed at you!  If you told me that I was going to be standing on stage mentoring thousands of Team Beachbody Coaches on how to build a successful business I would of written you off.  I would of said, "Man that would be awesome!"  but I wouldn't of thought it was possible.  When my husband told me that this was a waste of my time, what if I would have listened?!  What if I didn't write the first blog post, share my transformation story, post my workouts EVERY SINGLE DAY!  What if I didn't teach you how to plan your meals?!  Every decision that I have made over the past 3 years have shaped my life, my personality and ultimately have attracted all of you to this point right now!  Did I know it was going to be like this.....NO!!!!!

But did it lead me on the most fulfilling journey of my life?!?!  HELL YEAH!!!!!!

I know that not everyone is meant to be a Beachbody Coach but what if you are?!  What if you are sitting here right now wondering what it would be like to help other people reach their health and fitness goals?  What if you could be just like me!!!!


Bottom line A real person with a HEART OF GOLD that wants to see others succeed!

That is all you need!  But then if you have drive to be successful now comes the HOW?!?!  How do I do it?!

Well, that is not for you to worry about!  That is where I come into play!  When I started as a coach there was no road map, no coach apprenticeship program, Emerald to Diamond Group or Leadership Team!  There was just a team of coaches trying by trial and error to get the perfect system in place!  Now I have tried and tested my own system for training coaches and because I didn't give up, didn't let a little obstacle get in my way I am here!

New Coach to 2 Star in 1 year, then 2 Star Diamond coach to Super Star Diamond Coach and Top 10 Elite Coach in 2 1/2 years!  Currently the #1 coach in the network with the fastest growing team in the company!  I am literally a mom from Mars with a passion for helping others!  When you write it out there it sounds crazy.  I mean seriously I know you are thinking I paid someone to get here or had some help along the way!  But I can tell you 100% cross my heart I did this on my own!

You might not have a dream of being top coach, but you might just want to make a difference in this world! If that is you, then I invite you on a journey for the next 5 days to just explore the opportunity!  What is coaching? How can I make money at this?  How can I possibly juggle coaching and all my other bazillion responsibilities and commitments?!!

Well let me show you the way!  Let me show you how you could take a little something EXTRA and make it EXTRAORDINARY!!!!

Do you have 5 days?  10 minutes a day?!  Starting May 12th for 5 days you can log into an online closed group and hear from different coaches on my team including myself how they have made Beachbody work for their lives!  Also you have access to me to ask questions about the business and see if it truly is a good fit for you!

I have an exclusive business opportunity for you if you are ready and willing!  Do you accept the challenge?!

If so......

Click this link to join the group!

Make sure you send me a friend request on Facebook and a message to let me know that you would like to be a part of the group!!!!

What is a Beachbody Coach

You can also join an informational session tonight that I will be speaking on exactly what coaching is as well!

Request to join here!

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Do you want to speak to me about becoming a coach on my team!?

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