P90X3 Women's Transformation Story

Today my post is completely dedicated to a transformation that occurred in my challenge group with P90X3.  Kim is an amazing mom, challenger and now coach!  She started out on her P90X3 journey to tighten and tone and she ended up winning herself $1,000 in the Beachbody Challenge for submitting her results to Team Beachbody when she finished the program.  The amazing part is that Kim is in her 50s!!  She also has been able to completely get off her Cholesterol medicine since starting this program with me.  I hear all the time that the older you get the harder it is to lose weight and I totally agree with that!  Your metabolism begins to slow, your energy lags and its' just harder to get the weight off and keep it off.  But what I can tell you is that as you do age the most important thing you want to do is focus on your health and improving your bottom line so that you are around for many more years to come.  It is much cheaper to pay for Shakeology each month and complete a home fitness program than it is to be on medication to regulate your blood pressure or lower your cholesterol.  No matter how hold or young you are there is never a better time than right now to get started making positive changes in your life. Imagine all the things you can do when you have good health and the energy to do them!  The fact that she is positively inspiring other people around her and most importantly her family as well!  Her kids are working out with her and are following the example that she has set!  This is truly the most important ripple effect you can have!

Use Kim as your inspiration today to decide to commit to a fitness program, to eating clean, to drinking shakeology once a day to get your daily dose of dense nutrition and in just 90 days truly you can see drastic results.  I can't even tell you how many times that I get messages from my challengers telling me that they truly have been changed forever because of the commitment, support and accountability of my groups.  There is something magical about Team Beachbody and their programs.  So never discount the fact that YES you are capable of change if you let it!
P90X3 Womens Transformation
Family Workout Time

Pay it forward:  May has been my month to really pay it forward!  I joined a challenge group in May 3 years ago and was forever changed.  Now I get the privilege each and every day to give back, to help others and to uplift this world in a positive way!  Kim your messages and your story are totally inspiring!  Way to go girly!!!!
P90X3 Transformation
11 lbs gone!!!!

Is now your time to start your fitness journey?!?!  Don't be another person who is wishing they could make a change!  YOU can make the change, you hold the power to make it happen.  It starts with a decision and then action!  The accountability and the support through the ups and downs comes from the amazing online group that I run!  Together we are better and we will not let you fail!!!

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