Tips From A Top Coach On Building Your Team Beachbody Business

Most people think success is luck, so they keep trying to win the lottery of life!  But success is really the result of planning.  It happens where preparation and opportunity meet.

Many people look at my blog, at my fitness success and my business success at this point in time, today and right now!  They only see the success I have now not what I did to get here.  Success is a process.  Success is growth and development over time, trials and tribulations.  Success is achieving one thing and then using that as a stepping stone to continue achieving more and more goals.  You may think that I am successful because I have never failed.  But honestly I have failed over and over again.  The key is that each time I had a failure I learned from that failure and I became stronger with each failure.

My personal failures:
1.  I did not achieve success club in the first month as a coach.  But I did achieve success club 10 every month after that.
2.  I did not go diamond in 90 days.  I went diamond in 9 months.
3.  I missed the qualifications for leadership by 1 week.  But I went from 2 star to 15 star diamond in 12 months after that.
4.  I was cut from the very first Super Saturday filming that I was a part of.  Totally crushed but I have now had the opportunity to speak on stage at Summit, Leadership, the Success Club Trip, and was flown out to Corporate to film a Super Saturday Segment in March.

So success comes from continuing to face forward with your chin up regardless of the number of failures, mistakes or bad choices that happen in life.  Your past does not define your future.  You have the choice at any given moment to say that this is not how the story will end!

Was I always highly motivated to succeed?  Yes and No.  When I first started as a coach I was so excited that I stayed up late, watched the training videos, announced I was a coach and went all in.  I was pumped until I hit a few roadblocks and then my motivation began to diminish.  I struggled some months to just hit success club 5.  It would literally come down to the last 24 hours and I was pulling out all the stops to reach that goal.  I would find a way to make it happen. I am determined to always reach that goal.  I truly feel that the struggles, the deadlines, the pushing myself into the uncomfortable zone really has shaped me into this type of leader.  There are always going to be seasons of imbalance, of highs and lows.  But in those moments where things are not going your way the best advice I can give is to dive into your personal development.  Listen to some audio while you workout, take a bubble bath and read a book and go back and read your WHY!  What is your deep true meaning for joining as a Team Beachbody Coach?  Don't diminish your ultimate driver because the road gets a little tough.  You are worth it and never let someone else tell you other wise.  Just as in our fitness journey there are people that want you to eat that slice of cake because it makes them feel better!  If you hold strong then it makes them feel guilty!  Same with your business, people don't want you to succeed because it means that you WIN and you were right!  So never let someone else's bad attitude ruin your parade!  You are totally worth the success that you are working hard to achieve.

Remember that you are looking at ONE snapshot of my life right now.  I wasn't always successful, I struggled, I made sacrifices such as sleep and relaxation or down time watching TV.  But I did it because I truly love what I do and I want to see others succeed.  Now, the hard work pays off ten fold.  So as YOU come to a pivotal point in your business ask yourself these questions.  What are you willing to do to reach your goals?  What are you willing to do to have the life you want to live?  How can you live your life by design?  Trust me, it can happen!  I'm no different than you!  If you have the willpower, the desire and you can throw the excuses away it can happen!


Is my WHY bigger than my FEARS?

Am I in it for the LONG HAUL or do I have a deadline for how long I will try?


Success doesn't happen by CHANCE, it's not LUCK its a series of good decisions made over time CONSISTENTLY that will bring you RESULTS!

Don't give up, you never know when you are on the VERGE of a breakthrough.  IMAGINE how awful you would feel if you could glimpse into the future and see that tomorrow was the day you WIN and you QUIT TODAY!

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