Weekly Weight Loss To Do List

Ok so raise your hand right now if you have so much on your weekly to do list that you don't even know where to start?!  YES yes yes! That was and still is me!  But I have been very actively taking steps to manage my time better each and every day!  I went to an amazing Franklin Covey Time Management Training 2 weeks ago and I have been implementing the information not only in my business but also into my personal life and my fitness journey.

Having a plan is key to success.  If you are an on the FLY type of person this WILL be hard but ask yourself this.  Is it working for you?  Are you having success?  If you say YES I am. Then don't change a thing.  But if you find yourself struggling to make ground then its time for a change.

So my tips to helping you move towards your weight loss goal always starts with:

1. A Plan:  Plan out your workouts.  I would love for you to physically write down your workouts in your planner or calendar.  For me I actually have it written down in 2 places.  The first place is on my calendar.

and my second place is on my weekly meal plan.  I like to visually see what time I will be working out, what workouts I will be doing each day and what my rest days are so that I can plan accordingly.  When you write in your workout on your calendar set the intention that it is the most important meeting of the day.  It's the meeting that will set you up for a more positive outlook in life, more confidence, energy and happiness.  It might seem like a chore at first, but within 30 days you will get into a groove and you will look forward to working out.

2.  Plan your GEAR.  Whether you workout at home or you go to the gym you have to wear clothes.  If you are like me then you get up super early to workout and fumbling around in the dark to find all of your sports bra, tank and shorts is not the most graceful experience.  My husband gets mad, the kids may wake up and I am frustrated before I even start.
So I take the time to actually lay out my clothes the night before or even stack it up for the entire week so it becomes one less thing I have to think about thru the week.

3.  Create a Meal Plan.  Yeah you may think I am crazy sitting down each week to plan out my meals, make a grocery list and shop.  But every day when I come home I don't have to think about what's for dinner because the meal plan is on the fridge and the food is inside.  It takes the guesswork out of "Mom whats' for dinner?"

Every Sunday I sit down with my blog and my notepad and create a meal plan for the week.  I'm a creature of habit so most likely I will have the same breakfast, lunch and snacks.  Dinner time is always something different.  I try to make extra so that we can have left overs and lunch for the next day.

4.  Spend some time in the kitchen.  
Trust me, this will be well worth it!  Can you imagine what it would feel like to every morning open the fridge, grab out your containers for the week and then put them in your lunch box and go?!  ONE WORD....GLORIOUS!!!  YES it truly does make a difference.

So pick one day each week and set aside an hour to do your prep.  Cut up your veggies, pre make any meals that can stay in the fridge, portion out any nuts or seeds and place in your pantry. This will save you so much time decided what to eat.  Plus it will save you from choosing the drive thru because you are running late.  No more excuses.

one of my challengers posted this in the group this weekend! I taught them well!

5.  Pack it up.  If you are going to be gone for a long stretch during the day make sure that you pack your cooler.  Instead of relying on choosing a healthy restaurant or being back home by your next meal.  Instead just plan to be longer than you expected and always plan for the restaurants to have zero healthy choices.  There have been so many times that I have gotten burned by rest stops and restaurants. When you truly pay attention to what you are eating, you are surprised that there is really very few healthy options.  So you might as well just be prepped and ready and its not an issue.
I carry my shaker cup and a packet of Shakeology with a bottle of water wherever I go.  It's always my meal on the go! That is portable easy, fast food.

Shakeology on the go
Fast food

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