21 Day Fix Women's Transformation Story

21 Day Fix Womens Transformation Story
21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

Meet my challenger and now brand new coach Heather!  
She has lost 4 1/2 inches and 4 lbs in 21 days with the 21 day fix!
While the number on the scale and the inches are not drastic her visual results are astounding!  That just goes to show that you cannot always rely on the scale! The visual proof is EMPOWERING and makes you realize that you really are proof that it's working!

We tend to look at ourselves in the mirror every day.  We analyze all the good and the bad things in our body. We obsess over what we want to change and more often than not we don't realize the progress we have made!  But taking these pictures is true proof that the progress is undeniable.

Heather has been in my 21 day fix challenge group for the past 21 days. She has been dedicated, committed and engaged on a daily basis with the group! She checks in daily to keep herself accountable and has made a complete lifestyle change since joining this group!
She finished the last 3 days with the 3 day quick fix to really give that extra oopmh!  I can say that the quick fix works like a charm!

I know that many people question whether the 21 day fix works or not.  But when you see results like this from a real person and a body you can relate to it just helps solidify that leap of faith!

So proud of you Heather! I know the process isn't easy but your hard work is paying off!
21 Day Fix Womens Transformation Story
21 Day fix Womens Transformation Story

If you would like to be a part of my next 21 day fix challenge group please complete the application below for the details!

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