Piyo Is Officially Here-- Piyo Meal Plan and Prep

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Piyo is Here

Day 1 Piyo Review
Piyo is here
I have officially started my Piyo Journey!  I am so excited to share with you my weekly progress!  I have decided to go 100% commitment and do Piyo from start to finish because I truly feel like I have always been a high intensity, high impact type of girl!  I also know that I have some back injuries, some knee issues that really need some TLC.

 My main goal with Piyo is not to lose weight but to increase my strength, flexibility and my core!  I want to maintain my current fitness level and increase my overall performance.  I am definitely eating for maintenance calories and not for weight loss!

So what does week 1 look like:

Piyo Define, Upper Body
OMG I am so sore!  No Excuses
Day 1 is the fundamentals which is 40 minutes long.  This workout breaks down the most important and effective moves in the program to help you perfect you form and get the best results possible.

Day 2 is Define:  Lower Body (25 minutes) this really focuses on your lower body.
Lower Body Piyo Workout
Piyo is on

Day 3 is Define:  Upper Body (35 minutes) and it really is your entire upper body from biceps, triceps and shoulders.

Fitness Motivation, Dream Team, Fit Family, PiyoDay 4 is Sweat (35 minutes) of fast paced cardio yoga flow and body weight resistance strength training to help sculpt your entire body.

Day 5 is REST

Day 6 Define Lower Body

Day 7 is Define Upper Body

Week 1 is done!!!

I truly am going to adopt the 21 day fix containers for portion size and mix that together with the Piyo meal plan!

So first off I figured out my calorie target for weight loss (even though I'm not losing weight I wanted to see where I fell).  I fell in the 999 calories per day, but when you are lower than 1,200 you round up! So for me it's 1,200 calories per day if I was losing weight based on the calculation in the book.  I am going to follow the Piyo Get Lean Eating Plan which takes a balanced approach giving you all the energy you need to power thru your workouts!  :)

It's really important to know that you should not eat fewer calories than recommended for many days in a row because it is truly unhealthy and detrimental to your results.

You want to use this guide as an approximate but don't be stressed about the numbers or hitting an exact amount each day.
Stay within 200 calories of your target and the results will come in no time.

So for my target range I am eating :

4 servings of Primary Veggies
2 servings of secondary veggies and grains
2 servings of fresh fruit
4 servings of lean protein
3 servings of healthy fats

Week 1 Piyo Meal Plan
Week 1 Piyo Meal Plan based on 1,2000 Calories
Piyo Week 1 Review

So I encourage you to follow me on my Piyo Journey on Facebook, Instagram and right here on my blog!  I also am accepting applications for a Piyo Test Group! Be the FIRST to GET RESULTS and WIN MONEY in the PROCESS!!

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