21 Day Fix Women's Transformation Story

21 Day Fix Women's Transformation Story

I was so excited to log into Team Beachbody and see one of our team mates Christina Thomas on the front page! She submitted her results from the Beachbody Challenge and won $500 for her before and after pics!!!

I'm really excited to share that she has overcome some amazing obstacles in the past few months.  She was diagnosed with Sarcoma and underwent surgery and therapy to treat it.  She also has completed T25 and the 21 day fix.
T25 Womens Transformation Story

She lost 17.5 lbs and 12.5 inches in 10 weeks with T25 and Shakeology and then she went on to do the 21 day fix and lost 2.5 more inches from her body and has totally transformed herself from the inside and out!  
Is Shakeology worth the Price

She is an amazing mom and wife and truly an amazing coach!  She is consistent, persistent and dedicated to helping others reach their health and fitness goals as well!
T25 and 21 Day Fix Transformation Story

Trust me, if WE average MOMS can DO extraordinary things in the comfort of our own homes SO CAN YOU! The cool part is that we are coaches and we can teach you how to have that life changing experience too! We keep it real, we share our struggles, we teach you how to make easy meals that everyone will eat.  We don't make fancy schmancy foods, who has time for that! It's all about creating a lifestyle that is something you can continue for the rest of your life and teach to your family and friends!

The cool part about writing this story is that I know Christina and I know her coach Katy and I know that they are real people and they really got the results that they are sharing.  You know it's easy to watch the infomercial and say that the people in the videos are airbrushed and that its not real.  But I know that it's the real deal and its really really cool to be excited and proud of people you know for kicking some serious butt!  I am so proud of you Christina and also for being brave and submitting your results.  Just imagine how many people you will inspire by your leap of faith!

Honestly its never to late to get started.  It doesn't matter that it's July 1st and summer is underway.  You aren't getting in shape or healthy for bathing suit season only.  You are getting in shape so that you can live a longer, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle that will spill over into all that you do!

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