Are Beachbody Coaches Really Successful? True Story of Coaching Success from 3 Women

So this month I really have been spending a lot of time on social media talking about living your life brilliantly.  Today I want to share 3 stories with you from 3 of my Diamond/Star Diamond Coaches that have brought me to my knees and honestly to tears reading and watching not only their physical transformation but their financial transformations as well.  

So part of what I do as a coach is absolutely help you get a physical transformation.  So that means I am hooking you up with a fitness program that meets your needs, helping you to plan out your meals, giving you tips and recipes and guiding you to change your lifestyle into a healthier one!  But the cool part is that I also have this amazing team that helps me do my job! Together we are all out here just helping each other, motivating and keeping others accountable and by doing this we earn an income as coaches.  SUPER COOL and honestly I didn't know this even existed.  One of the things that people always say is what are the requirements?  What certifications do I need?!  The answer is none!!! CRAZY RIGHT!!!  Seriously that is the coolest thing ever!  Beachbody has created the fitness programs, put the plan together, the nutrition guide is laid out and my job as a coach is to keep you on track and to add some color, value and flavor to your routine!  I get to share what has worked for me, share my insider tips to juggling kids, work, family and fitness so that you don't drop the ball on your own health!  PRETTY DARN COOL!

So I didn't seek out Beachbody for the business opportunity, I sought it out for the physical transformation because I was unhappy with who I had become!  This is the exact same for all of these ladies that you are about to meet!  We all started with a physical transformation and it has led us to something greater.

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Meet Alyson Horcher:  A 1 Star Diamond Coach from Pennsylvania.  She has 2 children, she is a former Pharmaceutical Sales Rep and is currently a stay at home mom.  She started her journey with Chalean Extreme and has since grown into an amazing coach on the inside and out! Check it out!!!

Beachbody Coach Success Story

There are so many reasons why I love doing what I do but one thing you may not know is WHY I even started as a member in my very first challenge group (a.k.a Health and Fitness group). 

I was a new Stay at home Mom (words I never imagined I would say!) and I was having challenges in my new role, I had baby weight to lose after my daughter was born and it was not coming off as easily as it did after I had my first child, I was miserable, depressed, and worse of all I looked in the mirror and didn't like the person I was seeing. WHO HAD I BECOME? a person I didn't even know anymore.

A sorority sister was on Facebook talking about these challenge groups and well I just so happened to see her one post one day and it clicked - "I gotta do something! or else I am afraid of what I might become!" From that point on after our first conversation I knew I had to give it a try. Even though I was scared to death, my husband was NOT on board, and we really didn't have the extra money for my challenge pack - I DID IT!!

I have lost over 20 pounds now and over 25 inches. I am healthy, I am happy, I am ME again! I am a better wife, mom, friend, and best of all I am a BETTER ME!! do I have areas I need to improve in my life absolutely. I am a perfectionist so I will always want to be doing more.

Doing more leads me to WHY I became a Beachbody coach. Initially I just wanted the 25% discount on my Shakeology (you all know I love to save $$). So I was a discount coach for a while and I was quite happy doing just that. I offer this to many because I know and understand how important it is to so many families to save wherever they can.

My mind changed about coaching however when I saw the potential in what I could do not only for myself and my family financially but also how I could help others who might need the help like I did when I first got started in my first challenge group. I wanted to help other moms get back on track. I wanted to help other moms realize it is totally possible to take time for themselves. I wanted to help other moms become the person they WANTED to be but had been struggling doing it on their own. I also wanted to share with other stay at home parents that they too can financially contribute to their family's finances if they so wish. They could make some of their dreams become realities.

Now I am helping not only moms but dads and non parents too because I feel so strongly about the experience I had and want to share it with everyone!!

Now it is my turn to share this experience with others and help them become not only BETTER in their health and fitness but also BETTER in their financial state as well. You often hear me talking about LIVING WELL and that includes all areas of life - Faith, Family, Fitness, Health, Finance whatever in your mind LIVING WELL means.

I want to help YOU LIVE WELL. 

She also has had a pretty huge financial change since starting as a coach!
When setting up our family budget we mistakenly forgot to add in the cost of our kid's education (I know a big one to miss!!). I guess we always thought we had a great fall back plan of sending our kids to public school. We live in a great school district and our kids would be very fortunate to attend our local schools. However before we had children we said we would prefer our kids to go to Catholic School.
I am thankful to say we have made this goal of ours a reality. This year we will be sending both of our children to Catholic School. Little Leo will be in Kindergarten and Addyson will be in her first year of preschool.

When I went to write the check today I had to take a moment and realize even though we didn't add this tuition into our budget this year we can still cover the cost. How you might ask? It is all being paid for with my earnings from my Health and Fitness Coaching career!! Crazy to think when I signed up to be a coach I just wanted the discount on my shakeology and NOW I am paying for our kid's private schooling.
Another day to remember how blessed I am to have been given this opportunity!!

Next I want you to meet Jaime Messina.  She started out as a customer in my challenge group (New Year New You).  She decided to do Les Mills Pump as her first workout.  She was referred through my college room mate to me!  She is from Boston MA and thru this entire process of the physical transformation she realized that she has a deep need to help others, to come out of her shell and to be an inspiration and beacon of light to others going through the same things that she has gone through! She is single, no kids and currently is a full time Beachbody Coach.  Check out her video and story!!!!

"For those of you who don't know me personally I am a very deep and passionate person. I have always been this way. When I joined team beachbody it wasn't for my "deepness" lol. It was to get in shape. That was all I expected to get from the company. What I actually got, was so much more than that! I am always looking for challengers to help, and to grow my team. If you think that this is something that you might enjoy, reach out!"

My next coach and dear friend is Sara Stakeley!!! She was my first challenger EVER!!!  We know each other through my in laws and she did my nails and spa treatments for quite some time.  After having Bryce I came into the spa and she asked me what I was doing!  I told her about Insanity and P90X.  She had P90X at home and decided she was going to do it too!  I invited her to a challenge group and she joined!  Sara has lost over 50 pounds.  I think it's pretty much 75 now!  She has completely defied the odds of her PCOS diagnosis and she is healthier than ever before!  More than just the physical transformation and the improved health she has really been crushing her financial goals as well. She didn't want to commit as a coach, she was fine as a customer but she kept referring people to me!  One day I just flat out said, Sara look at how much $$ I made off the people you referred to me!  At that point she decided there was no question in her mind, she had to sign up!
From that point on it's been a life changing experience!  Today Sara posted a video about her highest paycheck ever and how it literally brought her to her knees!  I was crying tears of joy as I texted her back!  I am so excited for her and the joy and fulfillment that Beachbody has given her!  It just makes me love what I do even more! Sara you are beautiful and you are an amazing person!  YOU ROCK!!!!

If you haven't been over to Sara Stakeley's facebook page today please go check out her video this morning!
Sara was my 2nd customer, my 1st challenger, my accountability partner and she has literally seen me from day 1 until now! I have literally seen her from day 1 until now! We have changed so much in the last few years & we have had set backs, successes, triumphs and failures! But each time we fall we brush ourselves off get back up and move forward in the direction of our dreams! We SET BIG SCARY GOALS and we call ourselves the BIG GOAL CRUSHERS! We believe that no matter what we have the power to change!

Today I got a text from Sara saying she earned her biggest paycheck ever and that next week was going to be even bigger. I know what an impact this has made on her life and I am so very proud of you SARA!!!!  No matter what life has given you, you always smile, you always have fun, you dance in the rain, you care about others, you give selflessly and you are a true friend! I am so proud of you, I am so thankful for you and I am just as excited that you reached this milestone as you are!  you are loved and truly cared about! Your the best!!!! Go get em girl!!!!!! 

Beachbody hasn't just changed us physically, it has made me a more positive person, it has introduced me to my very best friends, it has given me the means to do things I would never of imagined doing before and it is opening doors to my future that I couldn't of dreamed in my wildest dreams. So while some may think it is weird, non traditional, fishy or scam-my I can tell you this. There is nothing I mean nothing better than the feeling of knowing you are helping people each and every day!  I truly invest deeply in those that join my team and I am blessed with this opportunity!  I honestly don't care what others think, I am exactly where God wants me to be right now!
I just had to share that with you!!!!  

Have a great day! Go find these amazing ladies on social media and tell them how inspiring they are!  

DREAM BIG!  Live Life Brilliantly!!!!

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