Week 3 Piyo Women's Progress Update

Piyo Week 3 Meal Plan and Progress Update

It's official I have finished 3 weeks of Chalene Johnson's Piyo workout and the verdict is in!  I am truly in love with this program.  Yes it is completely a total change in pace from my 21 day fix and Insanity workouts but quite honestly I think that my core is tightening up more than it ever has before and I can really see that my flexibility is improving.  I am not in any way hungry at all.  I have felt satisfied with the meal plan. A few things I did realize is that the portion size of almonds is smaller than what I was having before.  6 almonds is a healthy fat.  I was eating 10-12 before.  I am the type that just grabs a handful and goes. Counting it out and becoming conscious in my eating has helped me to stay on track.  Word of the wise---->  Don't just grab the bag of almonds and sit down and eat them.  This leads to over eating, and even if it is a healthy fat, there is such a problem as too much of a good thing.  You would be very mad at yourself if you over ate and felt like you were staying on track.

The most important thing when it comes to a nutrition plan and fitness program is to write it down and keep track of what is working and what is not working for you.

Here is the Piyo Food Tracker if you would like to save it for later.  I am a creature of habit and I tend to eat the same foods over and over and I am totally ok with that!  I am also the type that has to write it down because it is truly very easy to get a little willy nilly with the nutrition plan and have a bite here or a bite there that you were not expecting.  So please please track your food, measure it out, and drink your water!  That is key to success with anything you do in life. Track your progress!

Here is what I'm eating this week! 

Piyo Women's Meal Plan

Now for the workouts!!!!  Holy Moly can you say that week 3 was a little harder.  The verdict on my favorite workout (s).  I definitely love CORE and SWEAT the most!

What did my workout schedule look like this week:

Piyo Womens Motivational Quotes, Yoga, Pilates

Piyo, Yoga, Pilates, Progress update
This week was the first week for Buns which is a 25 minute workout that is focused on the glutes.  This workout is really amazing at getting the entire back side from every single angle possible.  Holy MOLY was I sore!

The other new workout was strength intervals this week- a 25 minute workout that gives you the body sculpting plus the calorie burning full body workout that uses no weights or equipment and no bulk.

I am really excited for week 4 to try the hardcore on the floor and the drench and buns workout!  I am really looking forward to switching it up.  I like that the first few weeks are challenging but they give you the opportunity to really learn the moves, to master the basics and begin to build strength.  Then as the weeks progress you can see that they become more challenging.  I still am sore and part of that is because I am not dogging it during my workouts.  I show up, give it consistent effort and I truly believe that the more I push myself the better my results will be.  Lets face it, anyone can show up and say they did a workout!  But your results truly are the proof as to whether you showed up and really 110% did the workout and then followed the nutrition plan.
Motivational Quotes, PiyoJust because we workout at home doesn't mean we don't wear our results in public.  So, put your game face on every time you press play and give that workout every single ounce of energy that you have inside and not a single bit more!  At the end of 60 days I can guarantee you are going to get results.  But you have to want it for yourself! The workouts only work if you do!

The one question I continually get is this; "Is Piyo enough to get results?"  Well my answer is of course~  Just because you aren't sitting in a puddle of sweat on the floor doesn't mean it isn't working.  You are burning calories, sculpting muscles and truly torching fat but in a low impact way.  This is of course different than traditional exercise classes but lets face it.  We all know that there is not one way to get results. CARDIO is not the only way to reach your goals.

Pair fitness with nutrition along with the support and accountability of your COACH AKA ME and you are rocking the SECRET SAUCE to SUCCESS in your health and fitness goals!

It's Monday, it's GAME on! Do your WORKOUT press play, meal plan and be prepared to stay focused on what you truly want!

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