Clean Eating Lunchables

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Clean Eating Lunchables

Can anyone tell me why kids love to eat the most unhealthy of foods that are on the market?  I mean lunchables and smoothie kabobbles?!?! Seriously the most disgusting of all meat (is it really actual meat anyways?!?!) is in those little packages but my kids go crazy over it.  For a while I was allowing them to have a lunchable as a special treat but I just don't feel that it lines up with the things I am teaching them. I really want them to make healthy choices and know the difference between what is too processed and what is natural.  I also want to make sure that they are not resenting me for passing on these so called treats!  I came up with the bright idea that we are going to make our own version of lunchables that is healthier but just as tasty!

Bryce likes the little crackers, cheese and lunch meat ones and Landon loves the smoothie Kabobbles (which I have never let him try but the commercial on TV gets him every time.).

We hit up Whole Foods on Saturday and on my list was thickly sliced hormone free, nitrate free, low sodium Turkey, thickly sliced cheese and whole grain chicken nuggets that are all white meat.

Yesterday we came home and together both boys made their very first home made lunchable!  There were no complaints, just full tummies and they actually really enjoyed helping in the kitchen.

This could be perfect for your kids who are going back to school, a picnic at the park or a casual at home lunch!

All Natural Chicken

Crackers for lunchables

Round Crackers (Back to Nature Classic Round Crackers Whole Foods)
Perdue Popcorn Chicken, 100% all natural, no fillers, no preservatives
Turkey sliced thick, nitrate free, low sodium, hormone free
Wood Skewers

For the Cracker lunchables get a small cookie cutter and have your kids cut out circles of lunch meat and cheese for their lunchables then assemble and place on a plate to serve.

The Finished Product
For the Kabobbles, cook the chicken according to the package directions.  Allow chicken to cool and place on skewer, alternate cheese and chicken.

PS------>  Landon does not like to wear a shirt!  He wasn't going to put one on, so that is why he looks the way he does!  LOL
Silly Face

Creation in Progress

Clean Eating Kids Lunch Ideas

I served this with a yogurt and all natural juice boxes.  Each of the boys loved the meal and raved about it afterwards!

Simple, healthy, clean eating for kids!  Think outside of the BOX!!!

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