Elite 10 Adventure to Italy

Top 10 Elite Coach Trip, TeamBeachbody, Italy 2014
First Class to Italy-Top 10 Team Beachbody Coach Trip

It’s hard to believe that an entire week has gone past since I sat on the plane in 

Pittsburgh ready to take off to Rome for the top 10 TeamBeachbody Coach Trip.  I knew it would go by fast but I can’t believe how truly fast it did go. So if you were wondering why I haven't blogged in awhile, this is why!  I have been busy traveling the world.  Words can’t even describe how amazingly beautiful our trip was. The scenery, the food, the entertainment and friendships made were a once in a lifetime experience.  The pictures do not even do the scenery justice.  Biking through the hills of Tuscany, passing sunflower fields, vineyards and castles on the hill sides were just a few of the scenes we took in.  We had a private tour of the Vatican, saw the Colosseum, had dinner at a Counts house and dined at 2 amazing wineries.  Each hotel we stayed at got even more spectacular.   Our final 2 nights were at a beautiful hill top hotel overlooking the mountains and hills of Sienna.  It was the most breathtaking place I have ever been.  Beachbody sure does know how to reward their top 10 coaches for  their efforts.  Spending a week with CEO Carl Daikeler, President and Co-Founder Jon Congden, top coach and peers was perfect!  It’s like spending a week with like minded individuals who totally get who you are and respect each other in every way.  

You know 3 years ago I never would of imagined that this is where I would be right now.  Everything in our lives prepares us for our future.  All the good and bad experience shape us into a vessel who has the ability to help others achieve their goals as well.  One of the things we did on this trip was tell our stories of how we became who we are today and what experiences have shaped us.  

Listening to each coach tell their story was humbling and totally enlightening.  Knowing what makes each of us tick in terms of our goals, motivation and obstacles really sheds perspective on who we are as coaches.  It's pretty amazing that no matter what your background, you can use it to attract others like you and also use those things you would consider negative in your life to inspire others to overcome.  This business is not just about health and fitness, it's about changing your life from the inside out.  

I am excited to be back home to start brainstorming ideas to help grow my team, to improve my challenge groups and to get my new coaches started right!  It's time to turn up the heat in August!!! Make sure you are a customer in my Teambeachbody site so that you get my August list of groups you can join for support and accountability.

So here is a little narration of what Team Beachbody prepared for us this week.

How did I earn this trip?

I earned this trip by being the #2 coach in all of Team Beachbody.  Out of 180,000+ coaches I ranked #2. That number is based not on my personal sales but how well my team does. So the more my team succeeds the more that affects my rank.  So the cool thing about this business is that it's not about you! It's about the # of lives you can change.  I definitely have committed myself to seeing my team succeed through creating coach training programs, webinars, team calls, and apprenticeship groups.  This just naturally boosted our team and got me into the top 10.  I wasn't even shooting for it, but my goals got me there.  

So the trip is completely 100% paid for, first class all inclusive with the other top 10 and their guests.  We flew from Pittsburgh to Rome.  

Once we arrived we were taken to our first hotel in Rome.  This is the view from the Terrace of our hotel.  We were greeted with mini massages, appetizers and drinks.  Then we headed off to the city of Rome for a walking tour.

Hotel Hassler- Rome

One of the many piazza's in Rome.  The sights are just amazing

We also stopped for Gelato on our first afternoon.  I had the most amazing cookies and cream Gelato ever!!
Not clean eating but worth every bite!

Cookies and Cream Gelato-AMAZING

Dinner on the Spanish Steps-

Our first night's dinner was on an amazing terrace overlooking the Spanish Steps.  We watched the sunset on Rome while having dinner and drinks with the entire top 10 crew.  It was a great way to start off the week!  

Saturday we were up and at em super early!  We had a private tour of the Vatican.  We literally were one of 10-20 people in the Sistine Chapel which is usually packed full to the brim.  We also had the chance to peak into the Pope's apartment which was nothing even close to an apartment.  Totally a Cassel in my opinion.

Private tour of the Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel

After the Vatican we did a walking tour of different places to eat through Rome.  We had pizza, fresh mozzarella, these amazing rice rolls, dessert and more!  Every place was wine inclusive!  We felt like stuffed piggies when that was over!
In the afternoon we decided to take a little nap because we were totally jet lagged!

Saturday night we headed out to dinner in Rome.  

The view from our rooftop hotel.

Dinner at a local restaurant

Sunday we were up early once again to hit up the Colosseum.  This was by far my absolute favorite day of site seeing.  I loved the ancient history and just imagining what it was like to be inside that building with those games going on.  It is just an unbelievable structure.

The Forum

The Colosseum

Gorgeous view

Sunday night we got all jazzed up and headed to a private dinner at the Count's house.

Top 10 Ladies

Monday it was time to load up on the bus and head to Tuscany!  This is where we started our day in a beautiful town with lunch by a local restaurant over looking the hill side.  The CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler met us here.

La Romita Restaurant in Tuscany

We had an amazing lunch and then got a quick riding lesson and off we went to bike to our hotel.
Ride to Locanda Dell'Amorosa

Our hotel was absolutely amazing!  We each had a room that overlooked a beautiful courtyard with an infinity pool that overlooked the Tuscan vineyards.
Hotel Locanda dell'Amorosa

Pool at Amorosa

At night we headed out to a winery where we got a tour of how the wine was made followed by an amazing dinner!  
Avignonesi Vineyard Dinner

Avignonesi winery in Tuscany

The Boys Biking!

Capannelle Wine Estate in Sienna for our final night and celebration
Last night in Sienna- Hotel Le Fontanelle

Last night in Sienna 

Honestly this was the most amazing and inspiring week of my life.  I know that I am absolutely in the right place in my life.  I love the fact that every day I get to wake up and help others.  I get to live my life giving back for the blessing I have been bestowed. What a way to be rewarded for helping others reach their health and fitness goals.  It totally blows my mind and I can't think of a better way to spend my days.  

This trip was perfect for my husband and I.  We needed this time together, this time to strengthen our marriage to leave work at home and just be together!  I am back home and now more ready than ever to get back, dig in and help others.  

Are you going to be on the Top 10 Elite Adventure next year?  

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