It's been a CRAZY Week- What's Happening

There are lots of exciting things happening in my life this week!  I've been so out of my typical routine that I haven't done much blogging this week.  But I definitely am still buzzing on my Facebook page and in life!  So what's new this week!

I started my 2nd week of Chalean Extreme and I am totally feeling hungry!  Lifting weights and heavy weights makes me want to eat the roof off of the house.  I've been keeping myself busy, drinking water and doing my best to stay out of the cookie jar!  I forgot how much I loved Chalean Extreme.  I did this workout almost 2 years ago for the first time and I got great results.  I can thank Chalene for breaking down my fear of lifting heavy weights.  I also am thankful because now I actually know how to lift weights and it's not intimidating.  I can't believe how much my body changes when I lift weights and do interval cardio training.  So I am looking forward to the next 10 weeks of the program!!!
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This week my oldest, Landon who is 5 started Kindergarten on Wednesday!  Where we live they only go to school 1/2 day for Kindergarten, which I actually really like!  I was nervous because he is not overly attached to me, but he definitely has a little anxiety about new situations and places.  He typically will cling to me and not participate for the first few times in a new place. He wouldn't eat lunch before school because I could tell he was nervous, but I tried to just make jokes about it and he seemed to liven up!  By the time we got to school, took some pictures, he walked right in the door, hung up his book bag, waved goodbye and that was it!  My baby was off to school!!!!  

He rode the bus home and of course that was the highlight of his day!  The really great part is that he wanted to go back the rest of the week.  So week 1 of school is in the bag and he is doing fabulous.  I just can't believe it!  Time really goes by fast!  Bryce and I have been bonding the past 3 days and have been buddies, playing games and reading books in the afternoon. Its totally different with 1 kid vs 2 at home.  

Bryce Man playing play-dough and eating a snack while Mommy checks-in
Next week I start back on my regular work routine and are our awesome babysitter, Sue will be back!  So I will be doing my work from home 2 1/2 days a week!  I really am thankful this week for my flexibility in my routine.  Even though I did not have a sitter I was still able to work in the mornings before the boys woke up, spend time with them during the day and then when Matt got home I did a few hours in the evenings. That's the beauty of what I get to do.  No  matter where I am or what time of day it is I can continue to grow my business mobilely.  I am very very thankful for the flexibility I have created.  It just makes me feel in control.  It totally hit me like a ton of bricks this week that I have the best of both worlds. A career I love and the control of when and where I work and the success that I achieve is a direct reflection of my dedication and commitment!  That is like HEAVEN to me!

Next week I get to kick off my new training programs:
30 Day Accelerated New Coach Training Bootcamp- Creating a Mobile Business.
A Push To Diamond 30 Day Group
A Leadership Mentoring Program
My Elite Contenders Group
And a brand new accountability group for customers and coaches to utilize after their initial challenge group is over! 

I feel like there is no way you can't be successful with a run down like this!  I love putting my thinking cap on and getting creative with how I can grow my organization with their health, fitness and finances!!!

Bryce will start Preschool next week, which he is totally stoked about!  He will just do 2 mornings a week but he is all about going to school.  

It's a holiday weekend and we have plans with friends today but not really much else going on this weekend.  It's a nice change of pace for once!!!  I really am looking forward to chilling with the family and enjoying our last week of summer!  Its time to do a little more grilling before the temperature starts to cool off!

My one tip for you this weekend is this:  Don't let the holiday, the weekend, the sun or warm weather give you an excuse to throw your focus to the wind.  Kick back, relax and unwind but keep your goals in the forefront. Remember to workout, to drink your Shakeology, to eat your 5-6 meals a day, drink your water and find ways to have fun that don't involve undoing all of your hard work through the week!  Your body will thank you come Tuesday morning when you don't feel like a big lump! Make good decisions no matter what everyone else around you is doing!  Stay focused on your journey to greatness!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
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