Piyo Meal Plan and Progress Update

Happy Sunday!
It's time to get back on track after a killer crazy week in Italy!  The food was amazing, the wine was flowing and the pastries were divine.  I came home not feeling incredibly awful but it definitely wasn't what I was used to! I don't get on the scale because after a year of fighting with the scale I have decided that it truly doesn't define me.  I measure my success based on how I feel.  I can tell by how bloated I am, the way my clothes fit and my energy level.  I am definitely in a carb coma!  But last night I set my alarm for 5:00 am and woke up to do my first post Italy TRIP workout!  Piyo Drench is in the bag and I feel absolutely amazing! It felt good to sweat and get back on track.  I am repeating week 5 again because I really didn't get to stick to the schedule while I was away.

Piyo Drench Workout, Womens Progress update and weekly meal plan
Piyo Drench Workout- Week 5

We leave for Florida next Saturday for our family vacation with the boys, my parents and sister in law.  This vacation won't be an indulgent one, I'm totally focused on working out, staying on track and chilling on the beach with the family!!!  In the meantime this week I will be back on track!

We hit up the grocery store yesterday and now it's time to prep and prepare our snacks and lunches for the week.

Here is the meal plan for myself this week!
How to follow the Piyo Meal Plan, Sample, Recipes and tips here
Piyo Week 6 Meal Plan

If you are looking for the recipes you can them from the Recipes section of my blog!

Weekly Clean Eating Meal Preparation, Snack Ideas, Clean Eating, Melanie Mitro

Each Sunday I really try to do a little preparation for the week.  I cut up cucumbers, carrots, peppers and paired with hummus cups for snacks.  I also made home made protein bars that are delicious!  Coconut cream lara bars are the bomb!!!  Almonds are ready, fruit is in the fridge and I am ready for another great week.  Everything that I need to make dinners is in the fridge and I choose recipes that were quick and easy on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday because those are the nights I typically work later.  Crock pot dinners or grilling dinners are always good for those nights!  

Homemade protein bar recipes, clean eating protein bars, lara bars, Melanie Mitro
Clean Eating Lara Bars

What is my workouts for the week:

Sunday Sculpt
Monday Sweat
Tuesday Core
Wednesday Drench
Thursday Buns
Friday Strength Intervals
Saturday Rest day

Clothes are washed, laid out and ready to kick butt in my workouts this week!  Follow me on Instagram for my daily morning motivation!  Will you be joining me for my 5 am workout?!?!

It's time to get back on track and crush goals!!!!!

Lets do this!

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