A Day In The LIFE of Melanie Mitro

The raw and real deal of a day in the life of a Beachbody Coach.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day and the same 7 days in a week so how do some people manage to get it all done.  OR should I say look like we get it all done!

I can tell you that I am not superwoman... I WISH!  I definitely make decisions each day about what is most important based on what I need to accomplish for the day.  I can't humanly do it all and be everything to everyone so I pick what is the most important and I just accept that this is what I can do!  Every night I go to bed and tell myself, I couldn't of done a fingertip more!  That is ENOUGH for me!

So what does a typical day at home with my kids look like?  

For starters every day I set my alarm for 5:00 AM.  I typically wake up after 1 snooze and then head to the kitchen for my E&E which I call my liquid AWESOME.  I always have my clothes laid out so I am not fumbling around the room finding what I need while my husband is sleeping.  
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Next its off to the basement to hit play on my workout of the day.  Right now I am doing Chalean Extreme.  I am in week 5, I just started phase 2 which is the push phase.  I am a creature of habit so I follow the calendar that comes with each workout to the T.  I figure if a trainer and expert took the time to figure out what sequence of workouts that  produces the best results then why would I try to do my own thing. After all, I am not the expert!  
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After my workout its off to the kitchen to make my Shakeology and my cup of pumpkin spice coffee!

Shakeology, Pittsburgh Coach, Melanie MItro, Personal Development, Successful Coach, Elite Coach, Time ManagementI sit at the kitchen table and do my check ins with my challengers and coach groups, I check emails and write a blog post until one of the boys wakes up.  Then it's breakfast time for the minions!  We always post these glamorous well put together pictures of our family.  But lets face it, who the heck lives a life like that!  Most likely Bryce is yelling at Landon because he ate the last french toast stick and Landon is stealing his toy while they eat.  Sometimes the milk gets spilled or like this morning I banged my head off the fridge door while trying to get the apple juice!  The kids just laugh and we move on!  In the meantime, I start a load of laundry, clean up breakfast dishes, run upstairs to take the fastest shower possible while Paw Patrol is on!  If I can get an entire shower without the curtain being flung open it's a SUCCESS!!!  

Shakeology, Pittsburgh Coach, Melanie MItro, Personal Development, Successful Coach, Elite Coach, Time Management

Today is Monday so we Bryce doesn't have preschool and Landon has Kindergarten at 12:30.  So since I am packing up the boys and myself for the week I have been busy folding laundry and getting the suitcases out. The boys are staying at Aunt Mo's house while Matt and I are in Arizona for the Beachbody Leadership Retreat. So that takes extra planning to make sure that all our bases are covered.  
This is my crazy bed with all the clothes laid out and still no idea what the heck I am taking.  Oh and at one point Landon propelled himself on the bed and the clothes went flying!  GREAT!  

Next, it's off to lunch!  Today was ham and cheese sandwiches with a cheese stick and grapes. Each boy had a glass of water then upstairs to do hair and brush teeth!  We headed out the door for Kindergarten drop off.  This is the BEST part of my job the sheer flexibility to chat with a coach on the way to school.  To give Landon a hug and kiss and wave good bye and then head home to play a little Uno Moo with Bryce MAN.  We worked on our art project for his preschool class and played a few games before he took a nap at 2.
Shakeology, Pittsburgh Coach, Melanie MItro, Personal Development, Successful Coach, Elite Coach, Time Management
Kindergarten Drop off

At 2 pm, Bryce hits the pillow and I rush downstairs to get on the computer.  At this time it's challenge group check ins, emails, calls with coaches and prepping for my team call tonight.  I literally didn't move from my chair until 3:45 when it was time to head to the bus stop.  Accomplishing a few things on my list and then I move the rest to the evening!
Shakeology, Pittsburgh Coach, Melanie MItro, Personal Development, Successful Coach, Elite Coach, Time Management, Team call, new coach training
Time to head to the bus stop for Landon and Bryce is still out cold.  I walked into his room and this is what I found.  Seriously this could be the best picture ever!!!  My little man out cold with his headphones on and the leap pad still playing!  I couldn't help but snag a picture!  I wanted to just sit there and stare at his utter cuteness.

We trekked down to the end of the street, greeted Landon and back to the house we went!  I put in our dinner which was the most awesome Rosemary Pork Tenderloin from my Recipes tab and sat down to play a few games. We played Zingo and Hungry Hungry Hippos before dinner and then it was time for Daddy to come home.  We make it a priority to eat dinner at the table each night as a family.  No matter how insane our week is this is our time to bond, to hear about each others day and to be together!  I enjoy the dinners even though someone usually ends up going to their room because they refuse to eat.  But our rule is no snacks unless you eat your dinner and their plate literally will sit there until they decide to finish it!  

Matt had to take his car to the shop and I went and got my nails done for Leadership.  We headed back home to do some homework with the boys!!!  Check out that FACE!!!  Oh yes, that says it all!  

After homework I turned the boys loose on DADDY!  8:30 and I'm off to the basement for our Monday night team call!
Every Monday  night I host our DREAM TEAM call with tips to grow your business, strategies, game plans and announcements so that my team feels empowered to run their business with confidence. It isn't the most glamorous office but it's the one place that doesn't disturb the rest of the family and I can lock the door.  It is on the other side of my workout room and its MY think TANK!  Here you can see me in the office getting ready to host a killer call!  I have been thinking about all the ways we can boost our teams success in the last quarter of the year!  I'm ready to go!  

After our call I head back up to the kitchen table!  Checking in and uploading files after the call!
I officially close it down and head to bed about 11:15 pm last night!  
That alarm goes off at 5 am so it's time to hit the hay!  

I know I'm busy and I do work hard but honestly I wouldn't change it for the world.  I love the fact that I can work from the kitchen table, answer emails at naptime, do a call when the kids are in bed at night and still be right in the same house.  No commute, no fancy business attire and I get to do what I love and inspire other people each and every day!  It's not always pretty but it's my life and it takes time to manage it correctly!  I have finally after 2 years found balance between work and Beachbody but now that I am in a groove its amazing!  

There are 2 1/2 days each week that I do have a sitter and that is when I do my team calls and other larger projects!  But up until 18 months ago it was just me doing my thing just this way!  

I hope this gives you hope and inspires you to focus your time on what builds you up, brings you success and makes you feel like you are contributing back!  I might be the #1 coach in the organization but I live a very normal life and I don't plan on that changing anytime soon!  If you come to my house there are toys on the floor, laundry to be folded and beds to be made.  We just go with the flow and make the best of it!  It's our story and this is how we are writing it!  

This face at the end of the night- PRICELESS


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