Have An Oatmeal Cookie For Lunch and Stay Healthy

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Lets just be honest!  Who wouldn't want to eat cookies for lunch?!?! I have by far the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever! I could eat donuts, cookies, cakes and pastries at any time of the day!  It still takes hard work and dedication to not want to eat it all.

This week was an exceptionally busy week in the office for me!  I did 10 group video calls with my team on various levels providing them with support, guidance and mentoring.  I did 1:1 calls with leaders and new coaches plus a Team Call and kept up with my own inbox and social media.  Needless to say I didn't have much down time.  In the past I would eat a bowl of cereal for lunch or grab a junk filled protein bar or a sub out and about but not the new me! The new me walked upstairs between calls, blended up a Shakeology and went right back to my desk.  The old me would of crashed and burned an hour later because my blood sugar would of dipped to low and I would of been holding my eyes open with tooth picks. But the new me, is full of energy because I had a great lunch that was packed with all the good stuff my body needs to stay hydrated, healthy and nutritious.  

I of course have that sweet food tendency so when I saw this recipe I couldn't pass it up!  You have to try it  It's seriously going in rotation along with the Salted caramel!!!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  Now back to work and not dragging myself through the afternoon!

Bottoms UP!!!!

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