Qualities To Possess In Reaching The Team Beachbody Millionaires Club

Let me start out by saying that I completely understand that not everyone wants to be a full time Beachbody coach or even wants to be a 15 Star Diamond coach.  I am also not saying that in order to be successful as a coach that you need to be 15 Star Diamond or a millionaire.  I'm literally sharing with you my perspective on what I feel are key characteristics that you need to have in order to achieve this level in your business. I truly believe that I have accomplished a lot of my goals because of a few key areas of thought.

Belief:  First and foremost before talent and skill you have to BELIEVE with every single bone in your body that you are meant for greatness!  Successful people believe without a shadow of a doubt that they will not fail.  I truly did not even let quitting or failure even be an option.  If something did not work out as planned I simply did not dwell on it, give up hope and stop trying. I immediately refocus, strategize and change directions.  I know that belief really is the core of what I do.  If you don't believe that you are here for a purpose and that you have a unique gift to offer to others then it is merely just a wasted thought.  A lot of this business is based on belief.  You don't necessarily know what the end is going to be and you work based off of that feeling in your stomach, that pit that says this is the right place and you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. 
No matter what other people say about your dream, your goals or your chosen path remember this.  You are the only person living this life.  The people that have an opinion about how you spend your days do not have to walk in your shoes.  So make your decisions about your life based on what you want and not what others around you think you need!  

I was met with tremendous opposition from day 1 from my husband, family and close friends.  It wasn't that they didn't want me to succeed, it was that #1 they didn't understand and #2 it was different!  Once I opened the lines of communication about what my business was all about and shared how what I do the walls began to break down and support began to form.  This was an 18 month process of me not giving up and being strong in what I wanted to achieve!

Dedication:  The second quality one must possess to be a million dollar earner with Beachbody is dedication.  When the road gets tough (and it does) you do not give up, you do not just ride the wave when its high tide.  You are willing to weather the storm, the ups and down and you are consistent in your actions day in and day out!  You are dedicated to your mission, to your core values and no matter what the rest of the network does you stay true to what you believe.  I have always been dedicated to a few things:

1.  I wake up at 5:00 am every single day because that is the time when I have un interrupted time to exercise (be proof of the product) and then work my business before my kids wake up.  

2.  I set goals for myself every single month and then I always try to beat my own personal best.  I challenge myself daily to be better than the month before.

3.  I set goals for my team.  There is no "I" in team!  It's not the Melanie Mitro show.  It's the DREAM TEAM show and I am nothing without them.  In all honestly my coaches signed up with me because they believe in me.  They believe that I will lead them to success in their fitness, their health and their business and that is exactly what I am going to deliver.  The goals I set are meant to benefit my entire team, not just me!

4.  Read personal development every day.  It sounds kinda weird and I totally didn't buy into the whole personal development thing everyday but the first book I read was "The Slight Edge"  by Jeff Olsen and it totally changed my life.  If it wasn't for that book I would not of taken the discipline that what you do every single day over time will either bring you closer to success or farther away from it.  So every day I invited, I shared, I posted, and without fail did the vital behaviors to build my business. When I was tired and wanted to take a nap or sleep in I would think of the slight edge.  I will do today what others are not willing to do so that 3 to 5 years from now I can live my life like others wish they could.  This was enough motivation for me.  
I do the things each and every day that are easy to do, but also are EASY NOT TO DO!
STOP and think about this for 1 minutes!!!  What do you mean I do easy things each day?!?!  YES, that is correct I do easy things each day.

These are all simple disciplines that I could not do each and every day and no one would notice if I didn't do them.  But.... because I do them I have been able to tap into the slight edge principle.  YES, because I make the decision daily to do all of these things I have created a following, I have motivated others, I have attracted like minded people to me, and I have been able to grow a 7 figure income business in less than 3 years.  CRAZY right!  It almost sounds like I am feeding you a line of BULL, but trust me I am an honest person and I tell you this!  If you can discipline yourself to think like a leader, to take your life by the reigns and discipline yourself to do what you love every day no matter if you feel like it or not then you too can be successful.
Those that are only 1/2 way dedicated to their goals or are considered FAIR WEATHER FANS are certainly not going to reach this level of success this quickly.

Sacrifice: THIS IS A BIG ONE!  Every thing worth having in life comes with a sacrifice.  I know on the outside it may seem as though I have it all together and I have it all!  But let me tell you that the start up of my business wasn't pretty, in fact it was quite the opposite.

I decided that I was willing to sacrifice a few things in order to reach success at the start of my business.  In my first year I sacrificed my free time to read magazines, to watch TV, to continue my hobby of scrapbooking and to really foster my friendships.  I devoted pretty much every single waking moment to growing my business.  Waking up at 5 am, 7 days a week, making sure that when I did have a free second in my day I was either creating my next social media post, checking in with challengers, meeting challengers at the grocery store to help them make better choices, getting on the phone to help my challengers reach their weight loss goals and then growing my business through my blog.  I sacrificed my own free time so that it did not cut into my family time.  I didn't really look at this as if I was missing out on life.  I didn't care about the TV shows and the magazines because I cared more about my future.  I didn't give excuses that I needed downtime because I know that downtime will come for the rest of my life if I think smart now.  
I also sacrificed a clean house!  Things I used to make a priority like laundry and cleaning were now distributed between my husband and I. The time I used to clean was building my business. For the first 18 months we just about scrapped by with the bare minimum.  I mean we were not living in filth but it wasn't getting the deep scrub it used to get.
Now we are able to hire a cleaning lady 2x a month to do a deep clean and now I keep up with the day to day.  Matt and I split the laundry and chores around the house and we have a great system in place.  But it took sacrifice of evaluating my time and truly saying that my best use of time was with with business.

The one thing I WILL not sacrifice is my kids!  There are some days I get off balance and I spend more time on my business than I should but I always have that point where I refocus, I unplug and I give them my 100% undivided quality attention that they deserve.  

So the ultimate question is this:  "Whatever your dream is, whatever the goal, there is a price you'll need to pay, are you willing to give up something now so that you can have something BETTER in the future?!!"

- Only you can answer that question!

Vision:  Do you have a clear vision of where you want to go?  I sit down frequently and imagine what I want my team to look and feel like.  I imagine the culture I want to create.  I also imagine what I want my family life to look like 3, 5 and 10 years from now.  
I sit down every few months and read my  vision in my notebook.  I ask myself if any of these things have changed? If so then I re evaluate my goals and set new action items.
I am not afraid to change my vision as I evolve and life happens.  I have a clear path of where I am going.  I am not exactly sure how I will get there but I know that every day my actions are bringing me closer to my vision and future instead of farther away.
The vision that I have for my life is my driving force when that alarm goes off each day I think of what I want in life and I get out of bed with the possibility that I am going to make a difference in someone's life today.  My vision drives me as much as my family does.

My vision empowers me vs discourages me and never for one single second do I let a negative thought that I cannot accomplish my vision enter my mind.

Teachable:  This is a big one.  ARE YOU TEACHABLE?  The best coaches in this business are ones that are students at all times.  You never stop doing the basics no matter how good you become at the business.  You always listen to what the new leaders are doing and you are flexible to change.  I truly believe that it is very important to be willing to change.  As a leader in this business I can see how it is constantly evolving and if I want to continue to grow my business then I have to be willing to try new things, to get uncomfortable and to think outside of the box. There is nothing like listening to my up and coming leaders speak and think.... DARN, that is an awesome idea!!!  Why didn't I think of that!

Remaining teachable, accepting constructive criticism not as a personal attack but as a way to improve your skills makes you most effective at this business.

Surround yourself with successful people:  The more that you spend time with people that lift you up, encourage you and are more successful than you are the more your are empowered to believe in your dreams.  If you surround yourself with people who belittle your ambitions, are not driven or goal oriented then there is no friendly competition or driving force to take action.  It becomes easy to just settle for mediocre and diminish what you originally had your heart set on.  

I hope that these few principles help to change your mindset to help you develop your leadership skills and drive you in the right direction!  I was not born with a winning team.  I was not a natural leader instead I trained myself to improve my areas of weakness and strengthen my strengths. 

My personal development recommendations are:

It's not just about your personal sales, in this business your personal sales only get you so far.  I think a lot of times we believe that we have to sell challenge packs out the wazoo to be successful. That type of pace is hard to maintain long term.  The area that really truly affects your income is your team cycle bonus.  So this means that the more successful your coaches are, the more you are successful too.
This means that you have to have the ability to lead, duplicate your own success and inspire others to do the same.  Large scale success comes from your ability to develop future leaders on your team!  

My 1 tip for you is this:  Never stop learning, always try to beat your own personal best.  If you hit success club 5 last month shoot for 7 this month.  If you enrolled 2 new coaches on your team this month, enroll 5 next month.  Aim to improve your social media posts, grow your likes, invite new friends and every single day without a doubt treat this business like a business.  If you treat it like a hobby it will pay you like a hobby.  If you treat it like a business it will pay you like a business!  So do you have a hobby or million dollar business?!?!  Whichever you want is totally up to you, the beauty of it is this..... THE DECISION IS YOURS!

So what is it going to be?  Is there a whisper in your ear telling you that you can do a little more each day. That maybe you aren't finished yet, that before you turn out the light at night you check a few more things off the list!  Never let anyone dull your sparkle or tell you that you are not worthy of a BIG DREAM!  I believe that everyone has the power to rock your own business, it's just are you willing to do whatever it takes, 24/7 and not stop until the job is done!!!!!  Only you can answer that question!

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