How To Handle Objections and Follow Up with Your Customers- I am on the national wake up call

I have some super exciting news!  I am going to be speaking on Team Beachbody's National Wake up Call tomorrow morning at 11:00 am EST.  For those of you that are not Beachbody Coaches the national wake up call is our weekly training for coaches in the entire organization.  So I will be speaking to 200,000+ coaches on a live call.  This is pretty big stuff!  I feel completely humbled and honored to have the opportunity to share what I am doing in my business to have success.  
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Let me just tell you this:  3 1/2 years ago I started my journey with Beachbody not as a coach but as a customer.  It was right after the birth of Bryce and I was trying to get back into my clothes before summer.  I started Insanity, Clean Eating, Shakeology and was in my first challenge group.  I really embraced the process and got amazing results.  I truly felt like this was my thing!  I finally found the one workout system that I could stick with and I felt successful with.  This led me to coaching because I wanted others to feel the same way that I did.  I wanted to teach people that you can eat healthy, you can exercise from home and you can actually really truly get REAL results.  I didn't really understand the business model, what multilevel marketing was or how the compensation plan could benefit me.  All I knew was that if I could make a positive impact in this world then I was better than the day before.  So I set out to really help people!  

What started as a way to guide people through their health and fitness quickly became a way for me to duplicate this process of running effective challenge groups for my customers with coaches that wanted to join my team.  I started training coaches to do what I do and we would run our challenge groups together!  I started creating training materials to help them learn faster and be more efficient than I was as a new coach.  Now 3 1/2 years later and a list of accomplishments I am seeing what a dramatic impact this life is making!  I absolutely love the fact that I get to wake up everyday and add positive energy into our world.  We are surrounded by so much negativity that it is easy to get caught up in the woe is me!  But let me tell you, that isn't the only option.  You don't have to stay in that place, you can change and you can live the most fulfilled life!  Honestly it can surpass your wildest dreams.

Is it work... YES!!  Of course, anything worth having is worth working hard for!  But is it worth it?  OF COURSE.... when you see those transformation stories of your own customers and know that you had a hand in that.  Well that is the icing on the cake!  

So tomorrow morning I will share how I overcame objections in my business as a new coach, how I created consistency, how I used social media to grow my business and the system I use for follow up so that I don't forget about the people who are expressing interest in what I am doing.

Even if you are not a current coach I still invite you to listen!  It gives you an awesome snapshot into the sincerity of this business and what we are all about!  Here is your call in number below:

1 (832) 225-5055

If you miss the live call here is the playback number that will be available for an entire week following the call,  (832) 225-5065

If you want even more information on what a Beachbody Coach does you are more than welcome to join my 5 day what is a Beachbody coach open house event!
You log in each day from your computer or phone and watch a short video, or post from a coach on my team or myself. We will walk you through the compensation plan, answer your questions and help you to get more knowledge on how the business works and ultimately to see if it would be a good fit for you!

Here is the group page:  Click the link to join the event

What Is A Beachbody Coach- 5 Day Open House

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