What Makes You Motivated To Make a Change In Your Life?

I was doing my 5 am workout this morning and I had this moment where I thought to myself.

I am alone, in my house, at 5 am, doing this workout DVD that no one but ME knows if I actually do it let alone do the entire thing from start to finish.  So what makes YOU not TURN OFF the DVD player until the workout is over?  I mean what makes you press play and stay the course, no matter how hard it is!  Then lets take it a step further.  What makes you do each exercise in that DVD with the most energy and intensity that you can give it?  I mean no one is watching you, no one is grading you?  There is no competition, the only person you are competing against is yourself.  So what's the incentive to do it?  

It was something that I stood there and asked myself. What was and still is MY incentive for working out each and every day.  For pressing play when no one is watching and when I could be satisfied with the way my body is right now?  

I thought to myself, at the beginning it was this internal drive.  I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same.  I wanted to feel alive again, I wanted confidence, I wanted to fit in my clothes, and I honestly wanted to feel somewhat attractive again!  After having 2 babies your body does some crazy things that no one tells you is going to happen! I wasn't prepared for that. It took a serious ego shot after having my first son.  I knew what was coming after my second so I just braced myself for the aftermath.  But the one thing I could control was the food I ate, how hard I worked out and for me I needed something I could control.  Especially when the rest of my life was so unpredictable.  The baby didn't sleep through the night, feedings were sporadic, and I was on their clock not mine!  So for 30 minutes a day I made it my time!  The baby monitor was on during naptime and I went to the basement to make it my SWEAT SESSION!  

Every day I stared at a picture I ripped out of an Oxygen Magazine.  It had a picture of Tosca Reno and it says Are You READY to CHANGE.  Every day I would look at that and say YES!

Then, I used what people said negatively to me about my weight as my motivation to change.

My brother told me I still looked pregnant and actually called me "PREGGO" at one point after Landon was born.  That was MOTIVATION.
Someone else told me that I could fit into the same size clothes as my other family member who I would of never compared myself to size wise.
I would catch a glimpse of myself in pictures and cringe.... MOTIVATION!!!

So, everyday I trained like I was running the next MARATHON.  I trained like I was going to be on stage and I had to look my best.  I didn't care if I was covered in sweatpants, puke and poop from the boys each day I just wanted to feel glamorous underneath.  

So that is what pushes ME to do my workouts every day!  I LOVE the feeling of confidence, of self worth, of having energy and strong muscles.  I want to be the fit mom and I want to be an example for my kids.  The motivation and drive that gets you out of bed on a cold, dreary morning is the same drive that I felt above. So the people you see in those before and after pictures in the infomercials or on my site. They are normal people just like you and I.  No touch ups, no photoshop, just authentic real people that are motivated to start and finish each workout EVERY SINGLE DAY until they accomplish their goal.
They are DEDICATED to reaching their goals!

Is that you?  Are you committed and motivated to reach your goals?

Meet my challenger and now coach Jillian. After having her second baby she decided enough was enough.  She had to do something different and wanted to get her body back in shape.  She joined my challenge group with the 21 day fix, shakeology, embraced clean eating and in 10 weeks she lost 30 lbs and 19.5 inches and seriously looks amazing!

I just am so proud of her hard work dedication and commitment to giving this program and our group 100% and because of it she has this amazing transformation to share!  THIS TOTALLY COULD BE YOU!
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