80% of Your Results Come From What You Eat, You Can't Out Exercise A Bad Diet

You know I have experienced first hand the wrath of doing 30 days of Insanity and sorta kinda watching my nutrition!  Do you know what happened?  Well, I lost only about 4 lbs and barely any inches at all and I was super bummed because I was cardio'ing myself to death and the results were not happening!  Any normal person would of thrown in the towel, threw a couple choice words at Shaun T and went back to their old ways claiming that Insanity was scam!!  But, instead I realized that it was my nutrition that was OFF!  While I was trying to make better choices, they just were not good enough!  I needed to get rid of the processed white flours, the sugars and creams, the excess of dairy and cheese.  I was just literally overdoing it!  The minute that I started to truly embrace clean eating I began to see the changes in my body happen rapidly.  I was exerting the same amount of force with my workouts but the golden ticket lies in your nutrition!!!!  I learned this the hard way, as frustrating as it was it taught me that this is the most important thing I need to share with my customers and participants in my groups.  That is always the first thing that I talk about with others!  It truly is key to your success! So if you are struggling in any way with getting the results that you want even after you are hitting the workouts as hard as you can then its time to really dive into your nutrition!

This leads me to the point of this post!  Matt and I have been waking up every morning together to do Insanity Max 30 for my coach test group.  We both have been giving it our best effort and intensity and are literally dripping sweat with each workout.  The difference between Matt's results and my results are that I have been practicing the 80-20 rule and he has been practicing the 20-80 rule!  80% of the time my nutrition is spot on and 20% I have a vodka soda water or that slice of pie with thanksgiving dinner!  Matt has been 80% glass of wine, chips, salsa, bread with dinner, birthday cake at a party and 20% on track.  He drinks his Shakeology every morning, takes a healthy snack to work, eats whatever I cook for dinner but then the rest is up in the air. 

 Will power is not his best friend and he totally knows it!  But basically he is expending this energy TRYING to be good, and in his mind he truly feels like he is doing a good job but when you actually write it down and you compare the good to the bad, he definitely is more on the bad side than the good side.  The kicker is this, he gets up every morning and sweats his rear end off with me in the workouts and he is struggling to get the results and it basically comes down to the nutrition.  

He gave me permission to share his results and to share this point of view with you all.  So in no way am I throwing him under the bus!  I truly love my husband but I feel this is such a teachable moment of where nutrition really does determine your results.  

So here we are.  My results from day 1 to day 30.  I followed the Insanity Max 30 nutrition plan, every day I tracked my food with the tracking sheets and I aimed to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water.  I wasn't perfect but I did my best.

Now here are Matt's results from day 1 to day 30.
He lost 4 lbs and we aren't sure on the inches because he didn't take them {stinker}.
But yes I can see small changes in his body but definitely not the kind of results that you should be seeing with Max 30!  For goodness sakes, no one wants to kill themselves every morning at 5:00 am to stay the same... truth!!!
But after we talked about his nutrition and I gently nudged him in the right direction of really getting disciplined he has started to be a little more on track.
He did make himself turkey muffins for lunch this week, cut up veggies and pack more snacks.  The evenings I noticed less snacking this week.  But for him its the weekends.  He likes to have a few drinks, he likes to eat a bowl of cereal {insert GRINGE} and that basically undo's all of his hard work during the week!  This weekend we have our Christmas party with our friends from college.  Matt totally has the mentality that I'm just going to enjoy myself and I don't care!  So we shall see! He is stubborn with every sense of the word and I'm not going to beat a dead horse.  He can totally do whatever he wants. But of course I would love to see what really could happen if he stuck to it 100%. 

This week he was more sore than ever bc I could tell he has been pushing really hard!  I know he wants it to work, but I also know he has a lifetime of bad habits to break!  Small baby steps, we are getting there!  One day at a time!!!  I swear our spouses are our hardest challengers!!!!  BUT together we are healthier, happier and stronger!  I truly enjoy our workout time together!  So lets cheer Matt on the last 30 days and hold him accountable to his diet and nutrition!

If you are Matts friend, family, or co worker and you are reading this!  Don't let him eat the cake!!!  HAHAHA......

Day 1 to Day 30 of Insanity Max 30

Moral of this story:  If you want results don't ignore the nutrition guide!  Even if you are trying to follow the nutrition guide you still have to give it at least 80% effort!  So you can only have 1 cheat meal per week within the proper portion size and make sure you are eating the correct # of containers each day.  You will not get the same results as the people in the infomercial unless you use both the nutrition guide and the workouts!  This is exactly why we have coaches in Team Beachbody.  Our job is to help you stick with both the nutrition and the workouts!

Make sure you hit me up for support and guidance daily!!!!


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