What Is An Elite Coach For Team Beachbody?

Elite Coach Roses and 21 Day Fix Extreme Sneak Peak

What is an Elite coach? This past week there have been quite a few announcements on my personal Facebook page, my blog and Instagram about the coaches on my team that have become Elite this year and those that have become top 10!!!  I am getting questions on what it exactly means to be Elite.  I mean I know its something good but what is it?!?!

So my blog post today is to hopefully give you a little insight into what it means!

An Elite Coach is not defined by your personal sales.  An Elite coach is not someone who sells a lot of product.  Elite is determined by how well you can lead, motivate and guide your coaches to reach their goals.  So Elite is a team goal!  

Being an Elite Coach means that you have successfully helped at least 5 coaches advance to Diamond rank.  It means that you have personally helped your coaches achieve Success Club each month, it means that your coaches are earning an income by starting a challenge group each month, and that you are creating a system of duplication within your organization.  

Elite is a status that is achieved by less than 1% of the organization.  So out of 220,000 Team Beachbody coaches there are less than 200 Elite coaches.  It is a prestigious honor to be Elite!  

What do you get for being an Elite Coach?

The perks of being an Elite Coach are this:  You have access to our 5 Star Diamond line at Team Beachbody Customer Service, you have access to the 5 Star wall with the Corporate team and other leaders to discuss leadership and other questions or concerns. 

You earn a $500 success bonus paid out each month to you in addition to your weekly paycheck.  You get an extra night stay at summit, leadership and the success club trip with an exclusive event for only Elite coaches.  You also receive awesome rewards and recognition for achieving this rank!  We also got a sneak peak of the programs that are being released before the rest of the network has access to them!  For example the 21 Day Fix Extreme that will be launched on the 2nd of February is sitting in my DVD player for my Saturday sweat session now!  {review to follow}.

Buying fun gifts for Elite
Elite is definitely a milestone you want to shoot for in your business if you are wanting to make this your full time income or career.  Elite really is where the magic begins to happen and where your business starts to take flight!  I truly love that Beachbody is based off of the principle that its not about just signing up coaches to sign them up but it's more about making sure that your coaches get started right, they have success and that you are helping them to achieve their financial and their fitness goals too!  Its the RIGHT way to run a business! The more success you have as a coach on my team the better we all do!  Its not that you sign up and I reap all the benefits! We are in this together as a team!

So can you do this??? 
Yes you can!  Almost every single Elite Coach that I have went from new coach to Elite within their first and second year!  They all started the year as Diamond and crushed their goals!  

It's all about setting the goal and then backwards chaining it into monthly and weekly goals, small baby steps, consistency, passion and enthusiasm for helping others that gets you there!!!!  There is no secret sauce!  If you want it, you can do it!!!!! ARE YOU IN!?!?!

If you are looking at becoming a coach and want to really join a team that is going to mentor and support you to reaching your goals!  Message me for the details of my upcoming coach apprenticeship program for new coaches!!!

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