Insanity Asylum Meal Plan Week 1

So it's time for a new challenge!  Why?  Well because I have workout ADD and I can do a specific workout like the 21 Day Fix or Insanity Max30 for a few rounds and then I am ready to move on.  I like to keep switching up my routine, because not only do I get bored and find myself not really pushing myself to the max but I start to plateau in  my own fitness.  So changing your fitness routine slightly every 90 days is very helpful to keeping your body constantly in tip top shape.
Insanity Asylum , Strength and Agility, Strength, Melanie Mitro,Eat clean Meal Plan

Even during my physical weight loss transformation I still switched it up every 90 days!  I decided that I really like Shaun T and I feel like I got the very best results from his Max30 program and I wanted to keep on the Shaun T train.  So I have Insanity Asylum and I have actually done the program when I started my Beachbody journey 4 years ago.  So I pulled it back out because I am curious how it compares to Max30 and how I will be able to keep up.  Plus I like the idea of the sports agility training.  

We have 30 days until we leave for the Elite 10 trip to Paris with Team Beachbody so this is a perfect time to dig in and do this program.  It's a 30 day program!  The one thing that is going to take some getting used to is the fact that the workouts are longer than 30 minutes. So I am going back to 45 or 50 minute workouts. Which that is totally ok, i just have to mentally prepare myself for the workouts each day.  No procrastinating in the morning, it's up and at em!!!!  

I am going to follow the 21 day fix and half of the countdown to competition plan.  I am going to do 1 day countdown to competition plan and 2 days regular fix extreme eating. That seems to be the very best balance for my body! So heck I'm not messing with it.

I find that getting the right balance for your own body is like a science experiment.  You find out through trial and error what your body responds best to.  What works for me might not always work for you and vice versa.  I truly think that this is a big reason why people fail at their health and fitness journey. They give up before they have found their solid conclusion of what works and doesn't work.

How about you?  What approach works best for you?  Low Carb, Paleo, Vegan, 80-20 rule or all in?  Honestly its all about finding what works for you and not for everyone else.  It's not a game of who has the best will  power or has all the skills and resources.  You can have the best personal trainer, the best gym and still fail bc you have no will power.  Also, you can have no resources and awesome will power and get burned out and fall off track and slide back to your old ways.  Honestly it's all about having a nice mixture of will power and skill to help you achieve your goals.  

I find that personally if I didn't have the accountability and support of my challenge group then I wouldn't of been able to actually stick with it!  I didn't have enough skills when I started to know what was good vs bad choices. The challenge group and my coach helped me with that part.  But, I also had the will power to change.  I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same.  So combine those two together and it was a rock star recipe for success!  

You need it too!  You absolutely must join my challenge group for the continued support and accountability!  Its the missing piece for so many people.

So what does my week look like?
I have committed to Asylum and the meal plan!

Insanity Asylum , Strength and Agility, Strength, Melanie Mitro,Eat clean Meal Plan, Lunch Recipe

So here is what I am eating.  Although it's Wednesday and I find that I have this outline and the food in the fridge but sometimes I get distracted!  Like today Matt brought me home this awesome quinoa and shrimp salad.  I am not so rigid that I would refuse his lunch bc it's not on my plan. I just re adjust and keep on trucking as long as its a good choice.
Insanity Asylum , Strength and Agility, Strength, Melanie Mitro,Eat clean Meal Plan, Flank Steak Salad

But having this meal plan really does make my life so much easier~  I can stay on track, have the plan on the fridge and just go with it!!

Insanity Asylum Meal Plan, Melanie Mitro, Eating Clean, Clean Eating Meal Plan, Fit fam

All of the recipes can be found on my blog,under the eat clean recipes tab.

The workouts consist of a strength day with weights, a jump rope and a pull up bar. You use an agility ladder to do drills to strengthen your core, your strength, your speed and to improve performance.  This is a well rounded program to get you in tip top shape and if you are an athlete to help you improve your performance and you times!!

For me its about physically and mentally challenging my body to always be in the best shape possible!  I am 32 and I am doing Insanity Asylum!  When I started this journey and I looked in the mirror at my body I remember saying to myself, heck it's not going down like that!!! I'm not going to be frumpy! Fit mom here we come!

It's not about being skinny but healthy and most importantly leading by example to my kiddos who are still young and are little sponges learning it all!

If you want to join my May 18th challenge group you can hit me up below!  

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