21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan

Good Morning and Happy Sunday!!

The alarm went off at 6:00 am this morning and up and at em I am!!  It's quiet in the Mitro house and this has become my morning Sunday routine!  I absolutely enjoy the quietness of a Sunday morning, my cup of coffee and my recipe book and meal planner!  It's time for me to plan out my week!  We have 3 weeks until we leave for PARIS (insert SUPER EXCITED FACE) and I want to just step it up a notch.  I was definitely a little more relaxed since our trip to Cancun so its time to just get back to the basics!!  

The 21 day fix meal plan just works for me.  I think in containers now, I think in portion size and I truly just have made it a part of our daily routine.  My entire family eats what I eat and its just what we do.  I absolutely do not and will not make separate meals for the kids.  They have to eat what is on their plate before they have a snack for the night!!  Some nights, they don't get a snack but hey, that's ok!  

So what's the game plan for this week!  I actually think this could be a fairly quiet week (fingers crossed).  We have Bryce's Art Show on Tuesday and T-Ball Thursday and Saturday, Preschool, Kindergarten and the usual family life.  Our focus this week is just eating the right foods and staying away from the ice cream and the drinks in the evening.  

I'm going to start the 21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan tomorrow.  I am going to do the countdown to competition plan the last 2 weeks before Paris.  I am going to follow the 21 Day Fix Extreme Program to the T (well maybe a Shaun T workout here or there also).  But its time to switch it up and hit the weights.  
Muscle burns more fat at rest, so get lifting!!! 

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21 Day Fix Extreme Containers
The 21 Day Fix Extreme Nutrition Book lays it all out there for you.  I love that you have a list of foods to choose from in each category! So basically you pick from the green category and whatever you can shove in there you can eat.  You check off the box for that meal and then you know how many containers you have left.  It's easy peasy! Then, for the recipes, I can truly say that there isn't 1 recipe in the book that I don't like!  The food is filling, the portion sizes are perfect and I might be a little hungry at night, but I just drink some green or peppermint tea and stay out of the kitchen.

Here is my meal plan for the week below!  I'm ready with my game face on to cut the dessert, the extra drink and to be Paris ready in 3 weeks!!!

The workouts are all 30 minutes and I like the fact that weights are in basically every workout.  Cardio with weights, Upper Body, Lower Body, Intervals, Pilates, Yoga the works!!!!  

I was doing Insanity Asylum but honestly the workouts were great but I'm absolutely spoiled with the 30 minute workouts that I just couldn't do it!!!  So here I am!  Back in action with Autumn Calabrese and her killer plans!!!
If you are looking to lose the last few lbs, tone it up, tighten up for a vacation or trip trust me this is the way to go!  Plus the fact that I have done several rounds of the 21 day fix and fix extreme I am more than happy to help you in my accountability and support groups.  For me honestly it was the accountability that keeps me on track! Without that I would not of had the success that I did!  So make sure that I am your coach or you reach out to the one you already have for support!

I'm starting a 21 Day Fix impromptu group tomorrow to help YOU and I stay on track! If you are interested in support hit me up by completing the application below.

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