Cize Nutrition Planning Tips And Meal Plan Template

Ahh its the weekend before we kick off day 1 of my Cize Launch group and we are all talking about nutrition!  80% of your results with any fitness program you do really depends on what you eat.  You truly can't out exercise a bad diet.  I tried that when I did Insanity and I failed miserably.  This is also the point where most people quit.  They do the program for 2 weeks, they don't follow the nutrition plan, they don't see results so they quit.  But in reality the program works, its just that you didn't do the WHOLE program!

I also thought the people on the infomercials were airbrushed and I didn't think you could really get results from home until I gave it 100%.  I'm for sure a believer!  So today I'm going to teach you how I help my challengers plan out their meals.

So first and foremost you have to start by getting the temptations out of your house.
you know the chips that call your name at 10 pm at night!  The check mix that when you have a bad day you down by the handfuls without thinking and then afterwards you look at the empty bag and feel extremely guilty.  If you just get it out of the house then you never have to make a decision about it.

Check out this post I made on how clean eating is a mental approach.

Next, pull out the nutrition guide a few days before you start the program.  Watch this video to get you organized.

Next lets talk meal planning!  Meal planning took me no joke 2 hours the first time I made a plan.  But it was so wonderful to print it out, hang it on the fridge, go to the grocery store and have everything I needed in the house for the week! It made my daily food a breeze.
Cize really does stick with the container system from the 21 day fix which I absolutely love.  But CIZE doesn't come with the containers. So adding that to your order is a must!  I have to say that just knowing that whatever fits in that container and checking it off the box was a great visual and it kept me on track.  Plus it takes the guesswork out of portion control.

Here are my tips for you to make meal planning easier.

Take the time to meal plan because in the end it will be your saving grace.  Plus what starts out as hard becomes a routine that you can keep with you for the rest of your life.  It's just something as a family we do every week.

We take time on Sunday's to prep, cut up veggies, fruits, and portion out our proteins.  That way on our busy days its grab and go!  

Cize Nutrition Planning tips
Cize it up

Lastly- I created my own meal plan template on an excel spreadsheet so that I can easily grab and go each week!
Cize Nutrition Plan Template

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