Fixate Cookbook Is Here

There are so many of you waiting for the arrival of the 21 Day Day Fix Cookbook and its officially here!  Fixate launched today with 101 new recipes from appetizers, snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You have a ton of variety so that you can continue to follow your fix plan and eat flavorful foods!

There is nothing worse than trying a new recipe and not knowing how it fits into the plan!  Now you have the answers!

If you are interested in the Fixate cookbook you can get it right here!!

To Purchase the Fixate Click Here

Fixate Cookbook Now Available, Get it Here, 21 Day Fix Recipes

Feel free to pass this along to your friends or family that would be interested in cleaning up their nutrition and getting support in making clean eating and exercise a part of your lifestyle!

Now accepting new customers for my July 20th Summer Accountability Group! Any new customers who purchase a 21 day fix or fix extreme challenge pack are entered to win the Fixate Cookbook free!

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