Meal Plan B For Hammer And Chisel

I feel like Christmas came early in the Mitro house.  Hammer and Chisel was purchased last Tuesday and by Wednesday evening it was live On Demand! We streamed our first workout on Thursday and I was HOOKED!!!  Beachbody has absolutely knocked it out of the PARK AGAIN with this stellar home fitness program.  So, creators Autumn Calabrese who came up with the 21 Day Fix and the 21 Day Fix Extreme and her ground breaking Color Coded Portion Controlled Container system and Sag Kalev are the 2 trainers leading this program. They put their heads together to get you chiseled and hammered!  Basically shredding you out and building you back up.  There are multiple plans you can follow based on the results you are wishing to achieve.  

Hammer and Chisel Day 1, Workout Review, Hammer and Chisel Meal Plan, Chisel Balance, Basics, Do It

Hammer and Chisel Program Review

So let's talk day 1, Chisel Balance was the first workout and let me tell you- it was intense!!  But I loved every single minute of it.  I loved the balance component, the focus, the weights, the core and the fact that it was under 40 minutes.  I was sweating like no other after the workout and I was sore by lunchtime!  It was working!!!

I made sure to take the performance line supplements: Energize, Hydrate, Refresh, Recover because otherwise I knew that I would be so sore that I wouldn't be able to lower myself to the toilet.  Luckily, my nutrition and the performance line were my saving grace.  

Day 2:  I showed up and I got rocked again with Hammer Plyo and of course I loved it again!  I just like that intense challenging workouts.  I've done the 21 Day Fix, Fix Extreme, Insanity Max 30, P90X so my body is used to the intensity.  I know that it is time to challenge myself.  If I want to continue to get great results I have to be willing to push myself further past the limits.  

Day 3:  Iso Strength Chisel is up for day 3.  Even with the performance line supplements, proper nutrition and hydration I'm sore!  I like it because I know it's working.  Today, again another killer challenging workout.  That 10 second hold is no joke.  

Thankfully Day 4 is rest day!  I definitely used today to recover and to get myself ready to rock it out tomorrow.  

Hammer and Chisel Nutrition Plan

I studied the nutrition plan, I took the time to sit down with my google spreadsheet, my nutrition guide and the container breakdown and write out my plan for the first week.

I am following Plan B because I am looking to gain muscle.  I don't really want to lose weight but instead get fitter, stronger and break this plateau.  I love that you can really customize the nutrition plan to meet your own personal needs.  Eating a little more food won't be hard at all!  I love to eat.  

So below is my meal plan you can check it out and have an idea of what I will eat per day.  I prefer to keep it simple, to make extras for dinner so that I can have leftovers for lunch the next day.  I don't need fancy meals, if you give me chicken, veggies and a sweet potato I am happy!  

I started on a Thursday so I will have my rest day on a Sunday which I really like that to be my day of rest!

Hammer and Chisel Day 1, Workout Review, Hammer and Chisel Meal Plan, Chisel Balance, Basics, Do It
Hammer And Chisel Plan B Meal Plan

This is a knockout program!  I'm just beyond pumped about this! So you can expect each week an update from me along with Matt's progress too!  We are committed to doing the entire 60 days and challenging ourselves to the next level in our fitness.  

What can you expect to get from this program and how do you get started?  Check out the "what's in your hammer and chisel box" video above.  Everything you will need for the program is there!  

Here is a sneak peek of the workout!  I sped it up so obviously its not that fast, but its fun!!!

Hammer & Chisel Preview of Plyometric Hammer

Hammer and Chisel Day 1, Workout Review, Hammer and Chisel Meal Plan, Chisel Balance, Basics, Do It
Join Me!

I will be launching another Hammer and Chisel Challenge Group Starting on January 4th if you would like to take the plunge and start the New Year off right!

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