The Dream Team Hit A Huge Milestone Today- Super Star Diamond 3 TEAM


I am sitting here with tears in my eyes on this Christmas Eve Morning.  I almost don't even know the exact words to say but SHEER gratitude and Thankfulness. 

So today I hit a HUGE milestone in my business!  Wait, let me rephrase that!  WE, The Dream Team, has it a HUGE milestone in the business.  One that only 3 other coaches have ever accomplished.  It is 15 Star Diamond III in Team Beachbody language. What does that exactly mean?  I'm sure if you are not in the Beachbody world you wouldn't know what that means.  Well, it means that I have personally sponsored 15 Diamond Coaches in my 1st, 2nd and 3rd business centers.  As a coach you have the opportunity to create multiple business centers in your own organization once you reach a 2 Star Diamond Coach.  You have the ability maximize your income, volume and your growth with these multiple business centers.  So accomplishing this goal means everyone hit the goal, held the rank for a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks and together we accomplished the goal of Super Star Diamond III TEAM!  

Thank you Kate for the post this morning
Achieving this goal is not luck, its not good placement, its hard work, it's focusing on helping your team succeed, on giving them tools they need to grow their business, build a solid foundation and strategize for future success.  Reaching a goal like this takes time, patience, persistence, working with every coach and having a shared vision for where we are going as a team.  I truly believe without a shadow of a doubt that our team is absolutely the BEST! They are an incredible group of leaders with passion, heart and hustle.  Without this team I am just 1 person, but together we can CHANGE the world!!!  I believe in teamwork, I believe in consistency and following through with your commitments.  I believe that you should never give up no matter how rocky the road sometimes gets.  I believe in having FAITH in the process!  I believe in continuing to create a vision for the future coaches in my organization and I truly believe that we should lead from the heart in all that we do!  

Congrats DREAM TEAM a job well done

I speechless, I am thankful, I am blessed, I am paying it forward!  It doesn't stop with me, it is a legacy that I will continue to pass down to the rest of the organization!  It's not just my life that has changed it's knowing that I can positively impact the lives of so many!  

It's never about the money, although that is nice!  It's about what kind of impact I can have on others.  

Thank you Melinda for the post today
These coaches, these moms, teachers, business professionals, wives, and transformation stories are my very best friends.  Many of whom I did not know before this business.  But, they have become a huge reason that I get up, I push forward and I strive to improve my leadership skills so that they can continue to have success.

They show me everyday the important of staying grounded, of giving personal attention, of enjoying the little things and of self reflection!  Each coach brings a unique balance to our organization!  I am just truly thankful for the entire team and I can't think of a better way to spend my holiday than with a team I am thankful for and a family to snuggle with!  

So THANK YOU DREAM TEAM COACHES for everything that you do!  I can't even express how much gratitude I have for you!!!!  I hope you all come to Pittsburgh in January so we can celebrate together!!!!  

Thank you Val for the awesome post and for your friendship
Thank you Lauren!!

Dream Team thank you for your amazing leadership, support, hard work and consistency!  You truly are a blessing and no matter how big we are as a team I still and always will value your opinion, your contributions and your voice on our team! There was never an "I" in TEAM and there will NEVER be on the DREAM TEAM!  Let's keep moving forward, lets get better, lets get stronger, smarter and lets keep growing!  Lead from the front, hustle and heart!!!

I can't wait to celebrate in January with you all!!! CHEERS and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thanks Alyssa for the post today!!!!  

This is one of my favorite pictures, it was from Summit this past year.  It was after the event when the dream team all came up on stage to take a team picture.  My best friend Katy stopped me and turned me around and said LOOK!  This is you!!!!  You did this!  You impacted all of these lives!  
It was one of those experiences that you take in and you just go WOW... YES that happened!  Everyone on that stage matters and as we grow we continue to make a bigger difference.  

Don't ever under estimate your ability to make an impact.  It all started with a choice to transform my own health and then it continued with the choice to become a coach and then choose every day to show up, never give up, no matter what other people said or thought but to believe in the BEAUTY of your DREAMS!  Who are THEY to tell you that your DREAMS are not worthy!  DREAM BIG MY FRIEND, if you CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT!  We all start at the same place, no network, no customers, no sales, no rank!  It's what you do with that $40 investment that determines the rest of your life.  You CHOOSE!  

Are you interested in joining the Dream Team?  Now Accepting applications here:  Get More Info

Merry Christmas From The Mitro's We Are Blessed!  

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