Congrats To The Dream Team 2015 Elite & Premiere Coaches

Good Morning!  It has truly been a whirlwind of a week in a good way of course.  On Monday the kids went back to school, we went back to our routine, and I had the opportunity to be on the January Surge as a guest speaker. The January Surge is a Beachbody Live Event with CEO Carl Daikeler and the executive staff.  It is a two hour event that is meant to provide training, tips, upcoming product launches, announcements and more.  I had the chance to speak about Challenge Groups and how to keep your challengers engaged during a group.  

My top tips for challenge group engagement is:

1.  My Monday Mindset video

2.  Always have a daily post with a tip to help your customers with their nutrition, meal planning, motivation, accountability so that they continue to push forward.  

3.  Being a product of the product which means that I have done the workouts, I have been through the program from beginning to end so I can speak from experience as to what each person could be experiencing along the way.  

4.  Share your own daily accountability in the group just as you are asking your customers to do.  If you want your customers to do something, you have to lead from the front.

5.  Always stay engaged.  I make it a point to comment on each persons post in the group because I want them to know that they are important and that I truly care about their results.

6.  Lastly, if you see someone fall off the wagon, reach out!  Don't assume they gave up.  Send a text, a personal message, an email so that they know you noticed their quietness. See if you can help them troubleshoot and get back on track.

After my part of the surge Carl Daikeler CEO threw me for a loop!!!  I wasn't expecting this at all but he announced that I was the 2015 TOP COACH of Team Beachbody!  I am the FIRST FEMALE 2X TOP COACH and I was ahead in the Elite Rankings by a lot!!!  I was just absolutely floored that they made the announcement because it wasn't supposed to come out until Wednesday!!

I definitely shrieked like a little girl and did a happy dance!  

I have to say that it is totally surreal.  I feel like I'm living a dream sometimes.  I mean who would of thought that this mom of 2 boys who joined as a challenger 4 1/2 years ago would be a top coach in a Network Marketing Company.  Heck, I didn't even know what network marketing was 4 years ago!  What started out as a way to get my post pregnancy body back, became our families financial freedom, our retirement plan, our happy place.  

I saw the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives and to teach them what I had learned about Clean Eating and exercise.  I knew that I could do it, and then as I started I began to understand the business side of things!  I truly was a self made success story!  It was hard work, sacrifice, determination, dedication, willingness to learn and grow and the drive to be successful that has taken me to the top!

But the most amazing part is that I am not alone in this success!  I have an amazing team called The Dream Team and together we have learned the ropes of the business, we have created systems, guides, trainings and tools to help our coaches reach the level of success that they are looking for.  We brainstorm, we celebrate, we sometimes have a good cry session but these leaders have become some of my very best friends!!  

I am so proud of the DREAM TEAM and the fact that you are continuing to raise the bar each and ever year!!!  This is not a Melanie Mitro thing, this is a DREAM TEAM THING.  Each and every coach on this team made this happen!  It was a group effort, it was each coach contributing to the greater picture.  Each coach committing to help at minimum of 3 new people each  month. Running challenge groups, helping people get results, training our team, leading by example, and doing what most people are not willing to do so that we can have what other people wish they could have.  It's teamwork at its finest and it's what we do best!!!  

CONGRATS DREAM TEAM on being the #1 Team 2 years in a row!!!  I have so much RESPECT and LOVE for you all!!  You make my  job so much fun!

I would also love to give some serious props to my 2015 Elite and Premiere Coaches!!!!   They are all independent leaders and they have their own teams now but we have become amazing friends and stay connected through our leadership role as an organization!  I love masterminding, supporting, and growing with these ladies.

Shout out to Alyssa Schomaker:  Super Star Diamond Coach, 3X Elite and 2X Top 10 coach!!!  She is ranked #8 in the organization and her team the Royal Republic is on FIRE!  She is full of passion, hard work and drive to make a difference. She is a former nurse and a mom of 3!!!!  So proud of you girl.

Shout out to Katy Ursta:  3X Elite Coach, 10 Star Diamond, Success Club All Star Legend, Humanitarian Award Winner of 2015, former teacher and mom of 2 boys.  Katy has spoke on stage twice now at corporate events, has an amazing blog and like page, is a rock star speaker and has changed the lives of so many people by providing daily motivation, hope and inspiration to those that struggle! She is an amazing friend and I'm so thankful for her leadership.

Shout out to Deidra Penrose:  3X Elite Coach, 12 Star Diamond Coach, Success Club All Star Legend, Former Nurse, Fitness Competitor, Mom of 2 boys and my cousin!!!  Congrats on a HUGE year for you and your team!  You have put your head down, you have worked hard, you have had some amazing growth this year and your team is on fire.  You are truly a blessing in this business. You are genuine and authentic and I'm so proud of you!!!

Shout out to Shannon Hargrave:  2X Elite Coach, Success Club All Star Legend, 7 Star Diamond Coach who recently moved to Florida!  Shannon you are a fabulous friend, you are genuine and hard working and your leadership skills just blow me away!  You are always paying attention to the details and the personal touch!  You have a killer team culture and you are such a truly wonderful friend.  I'm so proud of you and all your success.

Shout out to Keri Mignano:  2015 Elite Coach, 5 Star Diamond coach and she went from a Diamond Coach in the  beginning of the year to 5 Star and Elite. She is a natural leader, a hard worker, a visionary and she has the ability to motivate a team and help them all work togethers towards a common goal.  It has been incredible to see your growth this year!!  I'm so proud of you!  

Shout out to Kaileigh Hennessey:  2013 Premiere Coach and 2X Elite Coach, 6 Star Diamond and Success Club All Star Legend.  Founder of Revelation Fitness and stay at home mom of 2.  She went from being between in a rock and a hard place financially to being able to GIVE BACK in a BIG WAY!  Kaileigh is so sweet and kind and would give her last $ if she knew it would help someone else.  She truly has a big heart and cares for her team and their success.  She is driven, hard working and when set to a goal she will go after it like no tomorrow.  She is an amazing person and I'm thankful to call you my friend!!!!  

Shout out to Val Bozzo:  2X Elite Coach, Founder of the Legacy United, mom of 2, military wife, 10 Star Diamond Coach, and a hard working, happy go lucky BFF!!!  I couldn't ask for a better friendship!  You are always smiling, positive, you provide daily encouragement and you push yourself to always raise the bar on your leadership.  You are incredible and I'm so proud of you!!!!

Shout out to Marlena Hedine:  2015 Premiere Coach and 3 Star Diamond, Success Club All Star Legend and momma of 2 beautiful girls.  She lives in Texas and has always been an independent hard worker.  You tell her what to do and she does it over and above! She is a no BS type of leader, she works hard and she is driven to reach her highest potential in the business.  I'm so proud of you girl.  

Shout out to Chrisanthi Finn:  2015 Premiere Coach, 3 Star Diamond Coach, mom of 2 and a rock star leader. She has natural leadership abilities and is able to build an organization on a solid foundation of like minded coaches. She is setting her sights on big goals for this year!!!  

Congrats leaders on a truly incredible year!!!!  I couldn't be more excited for you all and I am looking forward to celebrating with each and every one of you!!!  

This weekend we get to celebrate with Carl Daikeler in Pittsburgh, Autumn Calabrese is coming to speak and we are going to have an entire weekend full of fun, training, partying and networking!

I am so pumped for our team and truly to celebrate your success!!!

What an amazing year!  I can't wait to see what next year brings!!!!!  

Make sure you CONGRATULATE each one of these coaches if you know them! They worked hard for this goal!!!! 

What does it mean to be an Elite Coach? 
Elite is the top .01% of the company. These coaches have not just "sold" a lot of product but they are growing a team of coaches who are invested in helping other people as well. Their coaches are having success, they are duplicating their own systems, they are showing leadership skills and their team has produced points to help reach the requirements necessary to achieve this accolade.  Elite Coaches get a monthly bonus, they receive sneak peeks of new product launches, attend extra events, parties and celebrations as a special thank you for all the hard work that you do.  It truly is an honor to become an Elite Coach.

What is a Top 10 Coach?  
 A top 10 coach is the top 10 coaches in the entire network of over 400,000 coaches.  These coaches have organizations that are duplicating systems, are achieving success, are creating financial freedom for their families are are able to lead organizations of their own and be at the top of their class. It is an honor to be a top 10 coach!!  Plus, we get to go on an amazing Elite 10 Adventure to Bora Bora this year! Seriously, it's like a dream come true.  I feel blessed to be up there on stage with these other 9 ladies.
Congrats to all the elite 10 coaches this year.

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