Top Coach In Team Beachbody Dream Team Weekend Celebration


Guests of HONOR, CEO Carl Daikeler and Autumn Calabrese
This weekend was our quarterly Team Beachbody Event here in Pittsburgh.  January is always our biggest event because it's the kick off to the new year, it's celebrating the success of coaches in the area and it's a time to learn about the new happenings in the organization.

Any coach can attend this event.  You actually do not even need to be a coach to attend.  It does not matter what organization you are a part of you can still attend local events.

The purpose of Super Saturday is to get all the news and announcements out to the network.

We had a killer live MASH UP workout featuring some of my awesome coaches and Master Trainer Kam Niskach leading the session!  Tasia got the opportunity to be on stage during the CIZE portion of the workout. So proud of you girl!!!

So proud of you Tasia for being up on stage rocking CIZE

What an incredible event!!  The Pittsburgh Market Council packed the house with over 1,000 coaches!!! Some traveling as far as Canada to attend this weekend event!  
How cool that CEO Carl Daikeler and Autumn Calabrese came to Pittsburgh to celebrate with us.

Then on Saturday Morning I hosted a Dream Team Training on What Got Us To Where We Are Today Won't Get Us To Where We Want To Go Tomorrow.  I invited some of our top leaders and speakers to the stage to talk about what they have done to grow their business over the past 12-24 months.  At each phase of your business there are different things we have all done to continue our growth pattern in the right direction.  The minute that things start to slow down, you have to make small tweaks in order to keep the bar raised.  
I love this picture of my BFF Shannon and I during the event
I spoke on time management, coaches spoke on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Like Pages, how to overcome a major failure, what to do when you lose motivation, how important is personal development and having a success partner in your business and more.  It was truly a jam packed 3 hour training event!!! The feedback from the audience was amazing and I couldn't be more proud of the leadership that this team possesses. They are truly incredible women and I am honored to lead with them.  

The Speakers of the Dream Team Training Event
Speaking on Time Management in your business

Would you like to learn more about my time management tips???

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The Dream Team After The Saturday Training

Then we took a little break and we got the party started!!  Done with the training now onto some fun!   Time to put on your dancing shoes.

I love my Dream Team Diamonds!!!  
This is our 3rd year doing a Diamond Dinner.  I love getting my leaders together to celebrate success, to get to know them better and to just have some time with each other.  This year our Diamond dinner was at the Duquesne Club with 49 guests.  We enjoyed an awesome dinner and we all spent some time going around the room saying where they found me at, how long they had been a coach and a fun fact about themselves.  It was so much fun hearing everyone's tidbits about themselves.  

I gave out my Star Diamond Gifts, my Elite and Premiere gifts to my 2015 leaders.  

It is crazy because some of us have never met before but when we get together it's like we have known each other for life. We may work together through video conferencing and email, we might do our business behind a computer in our PJ's but we sure to clean up nicely.  What a fancy group of pretty awesome ladies.

They even surprised me with a beautiful scrapbook with pictures from the year and a special note from each of them.  

Then after our amazing dinner we headed over to the Consol Energy Center, Lexus Room for a HUGE DREAM TEAM celebration!!!!  Every year I have thrown a party to celebrate our success, to just kick back, relax, have fun and just truly enjoy each other's company! This business is HARD WORK but the friendships we made, the memories created and the fun that we have totally makes it all worth it!  It was wonderful to get to know not just the coaches but their spouses and significant others as well!  I truly had an amazing evening dancing, doing Karaoke, mingling with our team and dreaming big about the possibilities of 2016.  

the amazing cookie display that my mother in law helped to create

There are definitely moments that I want to pinch myself because I can't believe that this is really my job.  I get to hang out with self motivated, driven, innovative, mom bosses all day long!  Women who are passionate about creating their future, their own path to success in their own unique way.  

I could not do any of this without my amazing man by my side!
Each of the coaches on our team is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.  We focus on setting people up with a fitness program that meets their needs and help each person navigate through the nutrition plan and the program to get the results that they want.  The most awesome part is that we do this VIRTUALLY.  We are in the comfort of our own homes, our phones, our laptops or at the local coffee shop.  But the cool part is that you make your own hours, you decide how hard you are going to work, how successful you will be based on the amount of work that you do!  It's so amazing to see other people, not just myself have success.  The system I have created is duplicatable and each coach takes the system and then tweaks and molds it into what works for their style!!  So together we are a rock star team!!!  

If you have ever thought of becoming a Beachbody Coach or building your own health and fitness business, now is the time!!!  You can't go wrong with coaching!!!  Complete the application below for a spot on the #1 team in the entire Network.... THE DREAM TEAM!!!

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