Hammer and Chisel Progress Update Week 3

Hello there followers!  So its 3 weeks from our set sail date for our Success Club Trip Cruise to the Bahamas and Jamaica with our family.  I finished round 1 of Hammer and Chisel and while I did every single workout I definitely wasn't stellar on my nutrition.  So this time around I'm ready to focus on my nutrition!!!

While I am still not 100% CLEAN I am giving myself 1 cheat meal per week and the rest of the time I am focused on staying on track. It's working very well and I definitely feel balanced and in control which I am loving!!  

So last week I did Chisel Cardio, Max Hammer Strength, Chisel Agility, Hammer Power, CHisel Balance, and Hammer Conditioning with abs in there.

I had to substitute 1 day while we were traveling for Beachbody OnDemand {BOD} and we did P90X3 and I loved it!!!  Even when traveling you can still crush your workouts.

So for this week I'm committed to crushing week 3.  
My goal is to make Shakeology chocolate today so that when my sweet cravings hit I have something prepped and ready to go.
I am going to get Kale stocked in the fridge for Kale Chips.

I have my workout space ready to rock and roll and I'm committed to the workouts at 5:00 am each day this week.  

One difference is that I am trying to add more sleep.  I start the week out great and by Thursday and Friday I am dragging because I'm so tired.  So if I get some more sleep I truly think that will help with my performance.

I have noticed that the Beachbody Performance line is helping me so much with energy, recovery, and decreased muscle fatigue.  If it wasn't for the performance line I think I would be sore for the entire 60 days of this workout program.  I am literally pushing myself with every workout to lift heavier to do more and to be stronger. 

My daily routine with the performance line.
When I wake up I drink Energize before my workout.  I don't eat anything before I workout.
During my workout I put 1 scoop of the hydrate in my water to give me that boost during my workout so I don't bottom out.
After my workout, I make the recovery shake & hit the shower.
Then for breakfast I have Shakeology and off for the day!
A half hour before bed I make the overnight replenish and drink that.  It does make a noticeable difference in my soreness.  

Other ways to keep muscle soreness at bay:

-Make sure you are drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily. That will help reduce muscle soreness and clear toxins from your body.

-Eat the recommended containers per day.  Don't skip meals, that is your muscle building fuel.

-REST:  If It is a rest day, REST.  Autumn and Sagi created this program for a purpose so follow what they have laid out if you are expecting to get the best results possible.  Resting is a part of the program and if you take a day off it doesn't mean that you won't get the results you want.

-Biofreeze for sore muscles.  When I have soreness I spray biofreeze, take an epsom salt bath and it helps eliminate that tension.

Remember muscle soreness is not a bad thing, as long as it nots a hurt pain you can still push through it.

What is this weeks game plan??

So there are no current obstacles in my week which I am INSERTING A HAPPY DANCE FOR! We have been traveling or on the go a lot lately so it will be nice to not have to plan for that.

My goal is to follow the Calendar to the T.  To make my last meal 3 hours before bedtime.  To try at least 1 or 2 new recipes this week and track my workouts each day using my tracking sheets so that I am always challenging my body.

For my food!
Spinach Salad with Quinoa & Chickpeas

Here is the game plan! I'm trying out some new recipes from the Team Beachbody Blog.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

I have to say that the winter months are the hardest to stay on track but when you have accountability and you have others that are on the same journey with you it does make it so much easier.  Also, I know that in a month or two we are going to be peeling off our winter sweaters and what you have been eating in private is about to show in public. So what's it going to be for you??  Are you going to get yourself together and start now or are you going to panic in May???  

Don't wait until the spring to start.  Take it from me, that's what I did my first year!  I didn't get results as fast as I would like them too and I was frustrated.  It takes 3-6 months to see the ultimate results you would like.   So start now and your summer body will be here right in time!!!  

If you would like to join me in my next support and accountability group please complete the application below for the details.

***There is also a brand new program being launched March 1st.  22 Minute Hard Corps.  So stay tuned this week on the blog for those details too!

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