Hammer and Chisel Women's Meal Plan

It is totally crazy to think that I have completed an entire round of Hammer and Chisel already.  60 days in the books!  I will be honest that I enjoyed myself over the holidays, I stuck to the workouts but we had Christmas, a trip to Florida, New Years, a huge weekend event here in Pittsburgh, then another trip to  LA to speak at a conference so I will say that my nutrition was less than perfect.  But, I will say that despite all of that, I can tell that I am gaining muscle definition, I am getting stronger and I feel better!  I can really see a difference in my body from the past 60 days.

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What I will admit is that I was not perfect at taking pictures and I didn't document my physical transformation because at this point its not about the scale, its truly about how I feel in my skin.  I just want to feel strong, know that I am in fact feeding my body with great nutrient dense food and I am giving myself the competitive edge in life with strong bones and a great heart!  I workout not because I have to but because I love too!  It makes me feel energized and ready to take on the day!

So this week marked the beginning of round 2 with Hammer and Chisel.  A whole round under my belt and I definitely learned a few things!

#1 You have to constantly challenge yourself to dig deeper and push harder.  Increase your weights when you feel that it's becoming comfortable.

#2 Track your weights so that you remember what you lifted the week before.

#3 Track your food!  It is easy to have a skewed perception of how closely you are following the nutrition plan when you aren't actually writing it down.  I love being able to look back over a week or even a day and seeing how good I did on my water intake and checking off the boxes for my nutrition plan. Then, I can schedule in my 1 splurge meal each week without feeling guilty about it.

#4 Trust the process!  I learned that you have to have faith in the process.  You might not lose weight right away but its not about that!  It's about listening to your body, getting stronger, challenging yourself physically and mentally and being healthier on the inside too.  But, if you are doing the program for 3 weeks and not seeing any changes at all, its important that you don't abandon ship.  You don't stop doing the program because HEY after 3 weeks of no results I guess it doesn't work... WRONG!  Your body is like a science experiment and everyone is totally different. We all respond differently.  Some of us can't have gluten, some are sensitive to dairy, some of us can't eat carbs after dinner and others can!  We all respond differently so its important that you track your food, you identify trends and you ask your coach for help when you get stuck!  It can be something as simple as cutting back 1 yellow container or switching the times of the day or the types of fruits you are eating to jump start yourself back into the right direction.  TRUST the PROCESS.  Hammer and Chisel went through a lot of testing before it got to you!  They know what they are doing, it will work.  But you have to have faith and trust the process.

So with that being said!  It's time for round 2.

Worksheets printed and you can find them on the Team Beachbody Website under the Get Fit Tab and Workout Sheets.

Meal Plan ready for the week and I am following meal plan A.  I choose recipes from my blog which you can find under the eat clean recipes tab

We are not a super fancy family and we tend to keep it very basic.  Our favorite evening snacks are Kale Chips at the moment because they provide the crunch that a chip would without the guilt.  Plus it's an extra green container and a spoon that we get in for the day!  

Matt and I drink Shakeology once a day and we tend to replace the meal that we struggle the most to find a healthy option for.  

Water:  Lets just pause here for one minute! Do you struggle with daily water intake? You are normal, but don't let that be an excuse!  You want to stay healthy, hydrated and able to take on the daily tasks of life. Get sipping on that H2O and trust me you might find that you end up losing weight!  

So as I get ready to launch week 2 tomorrow I want to extend an invite to you!

Have you been considering joining one of my accountability and support groups?  Have you been following me for awhile but you just haven't pulled the trigger yet?

Now is the time!!  Here is an open invite to anyone who does not currently have a coach or work with a coach!

I am running a 6 week "Love The Skin You Are In" group.  My goal is to teach you how to make fitness and nutrition a part of your lifestyle vs. a crash diet.  I want to help you fuel your body for energy vs comfort, learn how to read labels, make better choices, curb sugar cravings, get rid of emotional eating and learn to live life in moderation.  Most importantly this is all about LOVING your BODY the way that God intended it to be! Embracing imperfection and loving who you are!  

So if you would like to join me in this 6 week group please complete the application below!  I will contact you within 24 hours to go over your health and fitness goals, match you with a Beachbody fitness program that meets your needs and a nutrition plan to compliment it!

There is no better time than now!  

WHATCHA waiting for?!  Fill out the application below!
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Heck, lets be honest!  It will take longer than 30 days to get results.  Spring and Summer are fast approaching so lets get this party started!

Are you in?!

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