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GOD'S gift to us: potential.  Our gift to God: developing it.

EVERY single one of us has been given a unique blueprint for this life. We have been given talents, will power, strength, courage, determination, and smarts.  The tricky part is what we choose to do with them.  You either are one of two kinds of people.  You look at the glass half full or you look at it half empty.  Do you believe that you got the short end of the stick or do you believe that what you are dealt in life is going to make you stronger?

Last weekend I went to see the new kids movie, Zootopia with the boys.  It was a GREAT personal development lesson for all the kids in the audience and the parents listening!  Judy who was the bunny who aspired to be the first bunny cop and make history was met with adversity that started with her mom and dad as a kid.  They encouraged her to be average, to just play it safe, to be a carrot farmer like the rest of the family.  But Judy had other plans.  No matter how many times her father told her it would be hard or other people said she would fail she didn't let that stop her!  She was willing to outwork, out train, out perform anything that was in her way!  Then, when even the MEANEST comments were made or the cards continually were stacked against her she didn't let that be a SIGN that she wasn't meant for success.  Instead she took the cards she had been dealt and turned them into opportunity to prove others wrong.  

What an awesome life lesson for our kids and for parents!  

My question to you is this.  Do you feel that you live an average, less than passionate and inspiring life?  Do you have this feeling deep down inside that you are meant for something more but you aren't sure how to get from point A to point B?  Do you know how to put your dreams into motion and make them come true?

I believe that each one of us has the ability to CHOOSE to live THEIR LIFE BY DESIGN.  But I believe that it starts with YOU and ends with DAILY ACTION AND PASSION!  

There is a mindset that successful people possess.  A mindset that sets you apart from the rest.  A mindset where obstacles are fuel for your fire, roadblocks make you work harder, you are solution oriented and you do not wait around for someone to tell you what to do.. you just go out there and get it done yourself! THAT IS ME!!    I am not going to sit here and throw a woe is me pity party about a circumstance.  I am going to take matters into my own hands and make a change.

For example, when I started my fitness journey!  My husband said we didn't have money to get a gym membership, I couldn't buy shakeology and I couldn't be a coach! So what did I do, I borrowed Insanity from a friend, I researched clean eating, I taught myself how to change my habits, I practiced, I failed, I tried again, I cried, I picked myself back up and I kept trying until I got it right!  I went 30 days and only lost 2 pounds but that wasn't a sign!!!  I just realized that I had to slightly tweak my nutrition, I added in Shakeology by saving up my birthday money to pay for it and became a coach!  Every single ODD that was stacked against me I found a solution and a way to turn it into a success or a teachable moment!  

No one supported me when I started my business except my parents!  But that wasn't a SIGN!  It was a SIGN that I was going to prove them wrong.  It fueled my fire even more!

The first success club trip 4 years ago was a trip to Disney.  I set my sights on earning that trip for my family so that I could PROVE that this was a legitimate business.  I earned that trip, I took my family and I was so proud to be there as an Elite coach with my boys and Matt.  I worked hard, I earned it, I was making a difference.

Then, I saw that I could do more!  I could help more people by creating systematic approaches to training my team!  I found that I could pay it forward even more if I shared what was working for me with my team.  So duplication began to take place.  What started as a 1 man show began to grow into a team of coaches that were motivated, passionate and driven to be successful too!  Our team went from a small itty bitty baby team to an Elite Team in 2012 to the #2 Team in 2013 to the #1 Team in 2014 and the #1 Team in 2015 and currently we are still the #1 team in 2016.  Do you know what that means???  

It means that we are a community that helps one another to be successful.  It means that we work together, we share strategy, we mastermind, we create systems to cut the learning curve for new coaches and we have a culture where we thrive!!!  This business has been such a blessing in my life and to my team and I want to share it with you!

Let me just paint a picture for you!

Financial Freedom Award at Coach Summit 2015

When I started coaching, we were living very frugally.  We didn't have any fluff at all in our lives.  We lived on a strict budget, no eating out, no vacations, no weekend trips just the basics.  We were fine with that but it wasn't always easy.  It was a strain on our marriage because we fought a lot about money!!!  

So when coaching came along I saw it as a way to get in shape first but when I began to understand the opportunity my wheels got turning!!!  

Over the past few years we have gone from discomfort in our budget to being able to breathe and enjoy a dinner out here and there and a splurge on a few gifts for the kids to being able to be financially free.
Paying Off All my student loans

In the past 4 1/2  years we have:

-Paid off my student loans which we were going to originally pay off until Landon went to high school.

-We have paid off our mortgage.

-We have no credit card debt.

-We have been able to take our family on a vacation every year and  not have to worry about money.

-We have bought our dream home.

-We have been able to donate to charity and help others in need.

-We have blessed our team with leadership retreats and masterminds to help them grow in leadership.

-We are a team that is developing leaders, confident moms, women who are crushing goals and are truly living life by design.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful caring coaches in my life!

So now here is the scoop!!!

Our team is EXPANDING and we are looking for other women who are MOTIVATED DRIVEN and NATURAL GO GETTERS that want to help you reach your fullest potential!!  

So I am going to be offering an EXCLUSIVE Informational Opportunity for you to hear what coaching is all about on Wednesday March 23rd at 8:00pm EST.

This opportunity will start at 8:00 pm EST in a closed online Facebook group where only the members of the group can see what is being posted.  I will be sharing in the group a series of 5-6 short videos on how to get started, how to find people to join you, how to launch your business, how you actually make money and then at 9:00 pm EST we will go LIVE with an informational webinar where you can ask questions, get answers and get down and dirty with everything that you want to know about the business.  If you are going to join my team, I want to make sure you are comfortable and confident with the support and the guidance that I will offer you as your coach!!!

To join the live event on Wednesday March 23rd visit the Facebook Group from 8 to 9 pm EST

Then at 9:00 pm EST log in to the live webinar for a Q&A session:

Then, if you are interested in moving forward I will walk you through the sign up process.

I will be launching my exclusive new coach training university on Monday April 4th.  

I will be accepting a small number of new coaches that are really 100% committed to building a business and going ALL in to make it happen!

I Will Teach You How To: 

-Launch your business

-How to share and not sell

-How to use social media to grow your area of influence

-How to start your first challenge group which we will start together so you don't have to do it alone

-I will help you set realistic and achievable goals for your business

-We will have a weekly small group call and 1:1 mentoring and support as needed.

You will not have to re-invent the wheel.  You will have access to all of my trainings, guides, team calls, recording, scripts and more.  


If so, don't delay!  Now is the time!!!  

Complete the application below to be considered for a spot on the #1 team in the network, The Dream Team and be mentored by me personally.

Make sure you request to join the March 23rd information event by clicking here:  LIVE FACEBOOK EVENT

{You are not eligible to participate if you are already a coach}

Don't wait because the spots will fill up fast!  It's time to take those God given talents and turn them into your future financial plan, your recipe for success and your own PERSONAL LIFE BY DESIGN.

ARE YOU IN?!?!?  Lets do this!

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