Coach Summit 2016 Nashville, Top Coach Recap

Summit Celebration 2016
So over the past week you might of noticed that my social media was flooded with pictures of group workouts, cocktail parties, presentations and more!  It wasn't my typical workout motivation and inspiration last week.  I was actually taking you on a journey to the Coach Summit for Team Beachbody.  It's our annual training, recognition, live celebrity trainer  & workout event!!!  This is my 4th Coach Summit and my 3rd time speaking on stage at Coach Summit.  

My first year Coach Summit was in Las Vegas and I was a brand new 1 Star Diamond Coach.  I was 1 year into the business and I sat in the stands watching everyone get on stage recognition.  I listened to EVERY success story, went to every training and took endless amounts of notes.  I was literally soaking it all in!  I couldn't get enough of it.  4 years ago I didn't have a supportive husband and I actually threatened him if he made a scene or called Beachbody a pyramid scheme in public I was going to send him home on a plane by himself.  He just didn't understand and see what I saw.  But, during that first summit Matt actually showed up to a general session.  He didn't sit with me, he came by himself and just listened.  He heard Carl Daikeler, CEO of the company speak about the vision of the company, the finances and the game plan for the new few years.  As a business man that really spoke to him.  He began to understand that this was not a joke, it was a real business and that I really did have a passion for helping others.  He started to believe in me and heck he even committed to doing T25!!  He actually started and finished his first fitness program 1 year after I started coaching!  It was incredible and I was so overjoyed that he was starting to get on board with me.  
Our first coach Summit

That first summit I didn't miss a session, I went to EVERYTHING that was offered and I came home and put an action plan in place.  I was determined to be on stage next year getting recognized.

Within 1 year I went from a 1 Star Diamond to a 5 Star, to Super Star Diamond to #2 in the entire network.  My team was on fire and it was BECAUSE I WAS ON FIRE!!  I was passionate, I was driven, and I was committed to succeeding no matter what!  

Speaking on stage to 24K people in the Bridgestone Arena 

Fast forward to 2016 Coach Summit and it is a totally different experience.  I am no longer sitting in the stands watching the recognition.  I am getting recognized.  The Dream Team is a 4X Elite Team which means that for 4 consecutive years we have had growth over and above the previous years.  The Dream Team is a 3X Top 10 Team which means we are THE VERY TOP of the organization for growth and development.  I am not just a 1 time Top Coach but our team has done it twice.  That means we aren't a one and done, one trick pony, we are a LEGIT team of leaders that is constantly going over and above to out do what we produced the year before!  We are committed to leadership, to personal growth and improvement and to setting our sights high and going after what we REALLY WANT! 

Being Recognized on stage for Super Star Diamond III
I was also recognized for being a 3X Super Star Diamond Coach which is a rank that only 3 other coaches in the entire network have ever accomplished!

The 2015 Elite 10 Coaches backstage before recognition in the air conditioned tent! WHOOO

My Mom, Dad, Matt and I at the Saturday Celebration

The Incredible Stadium, Bridgestone Arena

My amazing parents

Top Coach Celebration with my Diamonds 

I am a member of the Coach Advisory Board, the Million's Club, & I had the honor of presenting on main stage in the Bridgestone Arena to 24,000 coaches on how to be Extraordinary.  

I feel honored, blessed and humbled to look back over the past 5 years to realize that all my hard work, effort and intensity is paying off!  I am so thankful for my Dream Team and there drive to not just build a business but to really really be passionate about creating solutions for others to reach their health and fitness goals. 

We arrived on Tuesday in Nashville and headed to the Omni where we were staying!  

Tuesday night I took my Elite Coaches that were able to come in early and their spouses out for dinner to celebrate success and just spend some quality time together!  I'm so proud of their leadership, their drive and their passion in this business.
They are the top .01% of this company and that is an incredible accomplishment.

My Elite Coaches, Deidra, Kaileigh, Katy, Shannon, Val and Alyssa and Keri weren't there yet.

 Wednesday was Elite Night where Beachbody spoils the Elite Coaches which make up the top .01% of the company.  You are Elite because you grow over and above where you were the previous year. We have been an Elite Team for 4 years in a row!  Each year they surprise us with a special gift.  Last year was a really awesome guitar and this year was the Andy Warhol type of portrait!  How awesome to walk down a red carpet and see these hanging there!  
Elite Gift
Thursday I held a Dream Team Meet and Greet at Tequilla Cowboys on the main street!  We had a get together for any and all Dream Team coaches!!
It was so cool to be able to meet and chat with my team, some of which I had never met before!!!  It was a great afternoon!
The Dream Team Meet & Greet was awesome and getting to meet my coaches for the first time!!!!  

Friday night was opening session where they launched all the newest fitness programs, Core De Force, The Yoga Retreat and more!!!  Plus, they finally spilled the beans that I am on the 20's reality TV show where they pick the next celebrity trainer!  I was on a secret mission a few months back to film it!!  I was sworn to secrecy and FINALLY I get to share.

Friday night was the 80's party for coaches who qualified for the leadership ladder event!  I decided to do a funky hair style and whip out my fun neon colors!  We had a blast dancing and listening to Billy Idol.  I can say my life is complete now that I heard him sing  {LOL}.
80's Party with the team

Alyssa & I at the 80's Party
My BFF Katy Ursta and I at the Core for our exclusive shopping experience to get some new swag!

I love this photo and this is my proud hubby

On Saturday night the Dream Team was recognized as the Top Team.  Each year Team Beachbody does a recognition ceremony where they celebrate the 100,000 winner of the Beachbody Challenge, recognize Elite, Premiere, Financial Freedom Awards, & Top Coach.  

Michael Neimand who is the creative mind behind the show definitely blew it out of the water!!  As a 2x Top Coach he had to come up with a new way to celebrate this year.  Instead of a belt he came up with the idea of a Tiara but not just any Tiara, a full on show girl with feathers Tiara and man that thing was HEAVY!!!

Don't you love my Tiara--- I look so funny and that thing is HEAVY!

Thats quite the Tiara!!!

To See The Show Skip to the last 45 minutes and watch til the end!

Here is a fraction of our team that we could get on stage after the ceremony!!!  How incredible to think that we have about 5x this many coaches!!!!  
The show was all about my team, teamwork and the friendships that we have made along the way!  I am so proud of my team and to watch them grow over the past 5 years!!!  

These are my diamond coaches who they asked t come up on stage for the actual celebration.  They were given these Tiara's to wear!!!  They are so cute!!!

I am so glad that both my Mom and Dad could be there in the audience to celebrate with me.  They are an integral part of my life, my upbringing and my mindset and I would not be where I am today without them.  
Speaking to my mom and dad and thanking them.
Here is the picture of me talking right to my parents! Seriously, I am so thankful for their love & their guidance.  
Pure enjoyment as we watched the celebration and them make fun of Matt & I.

YES THERE WAS TOTALLY A MELANIE PUPPET and I hear they are shipping it to me as well

No words can explain the love behind this hug

My biggest fans and the best parents I could ever ask for

The man who stole my heart!! My biggest supporter, my best friend and my partner in this business!  I couldn't do it without you babe
So now we are back home and soaking it all in!  I feel like it was my wedding weekend all over again. Everything happened so fast that I am still processing it all. I am thankful and proud of my team and I am thankful for their love and support and I know that God gave me this gift of building this business for a reason!  I have received so many messages with your take a ways from my speech and I am reading every single one because it is truly touching my heart.  I do not take 1 single day for granted and I know that the future will continue to present new opportunities.

I am not slowing down or stopping now!  It's time... If you are interested in becoming a coach its time to ask the question of HOW DO I GET STARTED!!!

I am getting ready to kick off my BEST COACH TRAINING EVENT YET!  
The Dream Team Exclusive Top Coach Training University Begins on Monday August 8th and there is still time!

If you are driven, motivated to succeed and willing to put in the hard work to build a future where you can live according to your own rules and plans then START now and join my team!

I am accepting a small group of NEW coaches who are ready to launch their business and help others to achieve their health and fitness goals.

I have a systematic approach to training, mentoring and guiding you in this business.  You have access to all of my resources, documents, guides and scripts.  You just have to take the leap of faith and trust the process!

ARE you IN!

 Coach Application HERE

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