Country Heat Week 1 Review and Meal Plan

Well I have officially finished my very first week of Country Heat today!!!  So I'm about to give you a very honest review of my first week!  

I will be honest that I didn't love Cize when it came out.  I am just not a dance cardio kind of girl and the thought of having to learn choreography to get my workout in sounds like torture.  I am your traditional high intensity cardio interval girl {Max30, Insanity and T25} and I love lifting weights {Hammer & Chisel, 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme and even Body Beast}.  So when Country Heat was announced I sort of turned up my nose a little.  BUT.... I have been pushing my body for quite a few months now to get really great results.  I have done a few rounds of hammer and chisel and 21 Day Fix Extreme so I was ready to truthfully change it up and do something different. So I am committed for the entire month of August to doing Country Heat because #1 it's not choreographed dance cardio that I have to remember and the moves are simple plus I really really like Country Music.  

The first workout which is Country Swing was not bad at all and I was really shocked at how much I was sweating during the workout but also that I was sore in my core and legs the next morning.
Giddy Up was the second workout I did this past week and the first time I did it, I felt like I had 2 left feet.   The second and third time I was moving and grooving. I love the focus on the abs and your lower body with the hip thrusters and the cheerleader move.  Again, I was left at the end of the 30  minutes dripping sweat.  It totally works!!!  

Week 1

Monday:  Country Swing
Tuesday:  Country Swing
Wednesday:  Giddy Up
Thursday:  Giddy Up
Friday:  Country Swing
Saturday:  Giddy Up 
Sunday:  Rest Day {Meal Planning and Prep Day}  

I have made my meal plan based on the Country Heat Eating Plan and I'm following that to the T.  I love the eating plan because it is based on Autumn Calabrese's portion container system which is clean eating at its finest!  I am on Plan A and truthfully this is the easiest nutrition plan to follow.  It is now just a part of my lifestyle and I do not have to count calories just containers and I pay attention to the quality of my food over the quantity.  Let's be honest, you cannot out exercise a bad diet.  I am really stressing to my customers that meal planning and prep is one of the biggest determinations of success with this program.  If you want the results, you will have to work for it and be dedicated to it. 

Here is my meal plan for the upcoming week if you would like to check out what I will be eating.
My piece of advice is this... KEEP IT SIMPLE!  Don't worry about complex recipes or trying all new foods the first week. 

When I say simple, literally choose a piece of grilled chicken {1 RED} Brown Rice {1 Yellow} and steamed green beans {1 Green} and be done with it.  The more complexity you add with recipes the harder it is to measure.

Also, print out your tracking sheets on the Team Beachbody website so that you can check off the boxes when you eat the containers.  This way you have an accurate picture of what you are eating when.

Here are some tips on meal planning as you are getting started.

It's time for week 2 tomorrow so stay tuned for all the updates and live videos on my Facebook and Instagram!

If you would like support and accountability in your health and fitness journey here is the place to start:  

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