Country Heat Week 2 Meal Plan

Well it is 1 week later and it's time to check in with y'all!  So last week didn't go so hot in the nutrition department if I can be quite honest with you!!  I was on vacation, I enjoyed some downtime with my family and while I did push play I am PRETTY sure I undid all of my workout with my poor food choices.

But that is ok!  I enjoyed myself and I actually don't feel guilty for it at all because it's about balance and maybe last week I was living the 20/80 RULE!  I will own it!

Last week what I did do was take my Hamilton Beach mini blender, Shakeology, fresh fruit and veggies and some square bars and lots of water and I did do the best that I could do.  I at least had my Shakeology every day.  

I worked out in the gym at each hotel we went too.  I did the 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix Extreme and Dirty 30 Extreme and 22 Minute Hard Corps on the days that people were at the gym.  Since they were new routines I didn't want to have two left feet in front of the other people at the gym.  So I saved that workout for days it was quiet at the gym.  
Workout with my mom at Bedford Springs

So I am going to basically say that this week is actually going to be my week 2 of Country Heat full out!  I have my meal plan ready to go, my groceries have been bought and I am ready to kick some booty!

I have challenged myself to no sugar for the next 7 days, drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water each day, measuring out all of my food with the portion controlled containers, and doing the workouts with maximum effort!!    

Each week I like to set goals for myself, here is what I challenged my challengers to do this week:  

Part of goal setting is not just looking at the big picture but actually sitting down and asking yourself what is it that you want to accomplish this week?
🔷Set goals that are specific to what you are going through and also achievable in the time frame.
🔷For example- I am coming back from vacation and I have to detox from the sugary treats and that is HARD because the more sugar you eat the moreyour body craves. So I am setting the goal to have zero sugar for the next 7 days!!

🔷Next is water- I will aim to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water this week!!

🔷 In addition to working out I will measure out my food with containers bc it is easy to get relaxed and not do it. So back to basics!

⭐️I hung this sticky bye on my bathroom mirror so u would be reminded everyday of what I am working towards!!

Notice it doesn't always have to be a weight loss goal it can be other things as well!!!

So post it up!! What's ur goals this week!! 👊🏻

For the nutrition plan for the week, I am following the plan A.  I am trying some new recipes this week so keep checking the blog on the updates.

I am ready to rock and roll and OWN THIS WEEK!  Time to get our dance on! Week 2 Country Heat is going down.  

Week 2 Country Heat Meal Plan A

Here are a few plan and prep tips that I posted in my challenge group for you as well!  

If you are interested in getting my support on your fitness journey then please complete the application below to join my Back To School August 22nd Challenge Group.  There are still spots available.

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