Do You Wake Up On Monday Morning Excited About Your Job?

I used to dream Monday's when I was working at my corporate job!  I mean I literally couldn't wait for Friday's so that I could be at home with my husband. Then, Sunday morning would come around and the anxiety would creep in.  I would talk about how much I didn't want to go to work on Monday!  I was letting a job that didn't fulfill me rob me of my freedom and my happiness.  I didn't even realize it!  I just truly thought that is what you do!  You grow up, you go to college, you get a degree, get a job and you WORK!  You work no matter what because that is the ONLY way to provide for your family!  If you don't like your job, SO WHAT you make the best of it and you keep going because you can't NOT PAY THE BILLS!  I mean, there is no QUITTING!!!!  BUT.... and let me say with a big BUTT.... YES you have to make a living for your family that meets your needs BUT it CAN AND SHOULD be something that makes you feel fulfilled, alive and purposeful.

There really is such a thing out there as having a career that does in fact meet your passion!  You can actually have a job that you look forward to going to on Monday.  That makes you feel alive, where you feel appreciated and respected!  It really really does exist!  I know that Entrepreneurship doesn't work for everyone and there are lots of people out there that want to go to a job and just do the work and collect a paycheck! WE NEED YOU, if you are that person we need you so don't think anything more of it!  But, if you are someone reading this and you are saying... THERE HAS TO BE MORE than this is for YOU.  There is more!

Who would of thought I would be a top coach of a network marketing company... HAHA I would of laughed at you 5 years ago if you told me that! Heck, I'm just a MOM from Mars who doesn't have her shit together at all!  I'm a hot mess who is trying to cook, clean, play with the kids and get healthy!  I love getting dressed up and going on dates with my hubby, I love being a mom to my two boys and I love our little family!  But I wanted more, I wanted freedom, flexibility and to live life to the fullest.  What really makes me feel fulfilled is being able to live life without limits. To be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want!  To be able to work hard and know that I am making a difference and that it is benefiting my families life as well.

I am a take charge kind of woman!  I always have been.  I was the little girl bossing around my friends and telling them how we were going to play Barbies or house!  I can't stand when there isn't a plan of attack or agenda.  I need order and if there isn't order I am going to take charge of it.  So naturally when this business opportunity came along and I saw the potential I wasn't going to wait for someone to tell me what to do I was going to figure it out!

So I think now I can say that I figured it out, I took charge and it works!  But you can't be timid on what you want and on what you dream about.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that your dreams are silly because let's be honest.  You can't pay your bills with someone else's opinions.  So dream big people because otherwise you are going to spend your days building someone else's dreams.

Life is meant to be LIVED and not just going through the motions!
It is Monday and you aren't chained to your life unless you let it be that way.  It might not be Beachbody Coaching, it might be some other business but be inspired to go after what you want.  1 little step at a time start working on your passion and eventually it will become your vehicle to experience life to its maximum capacity and happiness.

If you are interested in what I do and you are a take charge kind of woman then I want you on my team!!!

Here are your options:

1. Complete the application here to be considered for a spot on my team:  Application  For The Dream Team Because my next new coach training actually begins September 5th and I will teach you everything you need to know about starting a business from scratch like I did!

2.  You can join the informational coach event that I will be hosting to get even more details on what coaching is all about!
Here is the event you can join and participate in, but please send me an email at to let me know you are interested in coaching:  Join The Event

3.  If you have never done a Beachbody Fitness Program before and you would like to start with your own personal journey then join my Fall Accountability Group!  Click Here to get more information.

Remember you hold the key to your own success! DREAM BIG, SET GOALS and DON'T ever let anyone tell you that you CAN'T DO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO!!!

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