Week 3 Country Heat Progress Update & Meal Plan

Well that is a wrap!  Wrapping up week 2 of my County Heat journey and its sooo much freaking fun!!  I will tell you that I was not expecting to like this workout at all!  I am not the kind of person that likes dance cardio at ALL!  I prefer to lift weights and to do Insanity Max 30 type of cardio conditioning.  I like to work hard and push my limits in every workout that I do.  So when Country Heat came out I was open to the idea because I have been going HARD like full octane HARD in every area of my life.  We bought a house this year and we have been full throttle getting it decorated and feeling like a home.  I have been full throttle at getting ready for the 2016 Coach Summit in Nashville with my mainstage presentation and Top Coach ceremony.  I have been going full throttle in my personal business to get ready for our Leadership Retreat in Destin Florida.  My fitness is full throttle getting stage ready for summit and in all honestly I just need something fun to maintain my results and my fitness.  So when Country Heat was released this was the perfect workout for my August routine.  I needed EASY to follow and fun yet challenging workouts!  INSERT COUNTRY HEAT!

Technically I should be on week 4 of the plan tomorrow but when we went on vacation for a week I didn't do the workouts exactly as laid out and I did some BOD workouts through the week.  So, I'm starting official week 3 tomorrow.  I love that you do each routine 2 days in a row.  I love that you only put 2 moves together and then you move on.  At the end you aren't trying to remember an entire choreographed workout.  The nutrition plan rocks and I can easily track my portion containers with either the printed out version of tracking sheets or I can use the portion fix app!

This past week I rocked every single workout in the routine and it felt amazing to be back home from vacation and in a routine.

Unfortunately, I can't say that I rocked my nutrition 100%.  I did about 75% clean so it's time to shape it up for this week and get moving in the right direction!
Meal plan for the week is created and I'm ready to rock and roll with it.
Hitting up our usual Costco and Giant Eagle for our good eats for the week!

Things I WILL be avoiding:  

1.  Dairy because it tends to cause me bloating {cheeses, almond milk, yogurt, greek yogurt}.

2.  Processed sugar:  read every single label on your food because you would be so surprised at what is actually hidden in your food.

3.  Alcohol:  I am only going to allow myself 2 drinks next week.  Vodka & Soda Water with a splash of lime so that I can keep my carbs AKA yellow containers in check.

What am I super excited about?

I am really excited to start my newest challenge group called, "Back To School, Back To You" tomorrow.  I am going to be hosting a first ever live webinar for my customers to help them with expectations for the group, how to check in daily, what to post and share, how to meal plan and prep and navigate the app for the group.

I am also really excited about the Beachbody Health Bet that will be starting next month.  What is the Health Bet?  Well it is a way to give you some incentive to do your workouts and focus on your nutrition and be rewarded for getting results.  Beachbody is giving away over $1 million and you can be automatically eligible to split a piece of the prize!  Basically all you have to do is be enrolled as a customer in MY challenge group through the Challenge Tracker App {which is on your phone}.  You must meet the weekly tracking requirements starting on September 5th and ending the week of October 2nd.

So what do you need to do?

1.  JOIN:  Talk to me about becoming my customer so that you can get included in the group!  You must have a coach and be enrolled in their challenge group to be eligible.  If you do not have a coach make me your coach by completing this application.

Download the My Challenge Tracker App here.  

2.  TRACK YOUR PROGRESS:  Use the app to log at least 5 Shakeology drinks with photos and three Beachbody workouts during all FOUR qualification weeks.

3.  QUALIFY:  Log your Shakeology and workouts by 11:59 PM on the last day of each contest week:

Week 1:  September 5-September 11
Week 2:  September 12-September 18
Week 3:  September 19-September 25
Week 4:  September 26-October 2

4. CASH IN:  Meet all the requirements and you'll automatically win an equal share of the cash pot.  As an extra incentive, Beachbody will add $5 to the initial $1 million prize for every challenge pack sold on Team Beachbody between July 27th and August 31st, 2016 up to $3 million total.

If you would like to be added or eligible start by filling out the application here:

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