Clean Eating Party Ideas

Today is a big day in the Mitro household.  My son has been talking about his Power Ranger Birthday party for months now.  This week we hit up the store for some glow stick swords, pop rocks, ninja disks, masks and power ranger snacks!

We bought all of the party supplies this week and every day he laid all of the prizes and treats out on the table and talked about how his party was going to go!  He had this whole game plan for his big day.  Today he woke up and was non stop energy all morning.  He was so cute greeting each person that came in.  He gave them all power ranger swords and masks.  The kids had a great time playing.  Landon got to hit the pinata and was the one to break it open!  Then, we did presents and he got a Power Rangers Mega Sword which he has been playing with non stop!  Right now as I type he is laying out all of his toys and talking about why he loves them so much!
He was so tired he didn't want to sing or blow out his candles

He played so hard that he actually fell asleep at dinner!  It doesn't take much to make a 4 year old's dreams come true! Give him cake, a pinata and a power ranger mega blade and life is SWEET!!!!

Power Rangers Mega Blade
So as a clean eating mamma I try to follow the 80/20 rule! So last time we had a birthday party I was doing the Ultimate Reset.  So today I knew that I wanted to have cake!  I must say that it was delicious too!  We have the best cake lady in the world, she does everything out of her home and her cakes are amazing!

So planning a party is always the hardest when trying to eat clean.  So here is what my menu included:

Edamame and Feta Salad
Microgreens Salad
Minestrone Soup
Sandwich Ring
Fruit Salad
Hummus and Veggies
Chicken Nuggets 
Clean Punch
Funfetti Dip

Everyone raved about the food and the selection!  Just because something is clean or healthy doesn't mean it has to be bland or lack flavor.  Just because you are hosting a party doesn't mean you can't serve healthy options.  Yes I did have a sandwich ring and chicken nuggets but I also had other options there as well.  So I worked to appeal to everyone!  I made the clean punch recipe but I did also provide water, iced tea and some soda for those that wanted it.  So there is definitely a way to stay healthy and have a great party!  

For more healthy tips check out the clean eating recipes tab of my blog! The Turbofire Chili is another one that I make all the time for parties!!!

Tomorrow back on track!  5 am Body Beast Workout and clean eating all the way!  Have a great day!

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